How to Change the World | Recovery Canada • August 2020

How to Change the World | Recovery Canada • August 2020 is a fully-virtual experiential education opportunity. The program is designed to provide you the opportunity to engage with leading corporate, government and NGO partners, while collaborating in multi-disciplinary teams to tackle complex societal challenges focused on post-coronavirus social and economic recovery. By the end of the program, you will have developed and showcased your new, implementable ideas for positive change in Canada and around the world.

The pilot is structured as a week long, fully-virtual intensive program where students are placed on teams of four and collaborate to understand a global challenge and develop solutions in a local context and focused on post-coronavirus economic and social recovery that supports current youth stalled by the crisis. The program is followed by an asynchronous marketplace that will provide networking and matching with internships and entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial opportunities for participants to continue their learning journey.

  • Experiential Learning Journey: 17-21 August
  • Recovery Career Marketplace: 24-28 August


Participant Cost

As part of a collective response to supporting the recovery from the coronavirus crisis, McGill University, the National Research Council, and How to Change the World have all contribute to provide the bulk of the funding for your attendance at the program. With this subsidy in place, each participant is requested to contribute only a nominal portion of the total cost of their participation:

Participant contribution to attend: $100 (covers the full experiential Learning Journey and Recovery Marketplace)


Visit How to Change the World | Recovery Canada for more information.

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