INgineer Your Path

INgineer Your Path is an experiential learning program that empowers you to actualize your creative potential as a student engineer and become a transformational leader in your community using your engineering skills. The program consists of transdisciplinary online workshops (6) and field trips (2) in the city of Montreal, where you will visit eco-social sustainability sites and meet with local non-profits to inspire you to create a community initiative. 

During the 6 workshops, you will discuss as a group a variety of topics ranging from systems thinking and sustainability to community dynamics and personal development. These workshops are creative, engaging, introspective, and transformative. Your thoughts and voice matter; it's a safe space to share your perspectives and thoughts in the group and in break-out rooms, and be yourself. See the registration form for dates and more information about the field trips. 
All participants will receive Co-Curricular Credits on their official transcripts for completing the program, along with a special poster feature in the FDA building and a chance to present your community initiative in a final exhibition to local stakeholders.  

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: September 24, 2022. Space limited to 20 students.

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