RLA project

Remote Learning Assistants (RLAs) provide technical support to one or more faculty members and instructors to adapt academic course material for remote delivery, and includes but is not limited to course mechanics, course content, and technical support for faculty and students.

Remote Learning Assistants may be expected to perform some or all of the following duties:

· Record demonstrations and field and lab experiments using basic video equipment or Smartphone.

· Edit videos using basic editing software (i.e., Camtasia)

· Assist instructors and guest speakers with the use of multiple tools during a fixed session.

· Assist instructors with adapting the structure of course materials in myCourses, adding materials and configuring activity tools.

· Act as technical facilitator in fixed Zoom sessions, particularly in large classes.

· Provide students basic technical support during fixed delivery.

· May be assigned to any Faculty or any instructor, for periods less than three hours, over the course of their contract.

To request support from a Remote Learning Assistant, please contact your unit Chair or Director.

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