Teaching Week 2017

eLATE Teaching Week 2017

7(November 20 to 24, 2017)


eLATE (Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Engineering) is pleased to announce its first Teaching Week to be held from Mon, November 20 to Friday, November 24, which will focus on classroom observation. During this week, different instructors from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science will ‘open up’ their classes for observation by their colleagues. This event will offer opportunities for faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and senior PhD students to learn from peers and to gain exposure to different teaching strategies. By fostering peer observation and discussions of teaching practices, eLATE’s Teaching Week seeks to build a shared community of practice to enhance pedagogical excellence in the Faculty of Engineering.


The event will conclude with a ‘happy hour’ from 3:00 – 5:00 pm on Friday, November 24 to allow participants in eLATE’s Teaching Week to reflect on, share, and amplify lessons learned during the week. A separate eLATE gathering on Tuesday, November 28 (from 2:30 – 3:30 pm) (“Coffee and Chat”) will also provide participants with an opportunity to continue their discussions. 


If you are interested in attending, please complete the eLATE Teaching Week Registration Form at https://tinyurl.com/TeachingWeek.

A complete list of classes, days, times and locations and the Happy Hour and Coffee and Chat event details are included in the registration form.


Instructors that have ‘opened’ their classes include the following:


Prof. Annmarie Adams (Architecture), ARCH 622 Critical Writing

Prof. Jeffrey Bergthorson (Mechanical Engineering), MECH 240 Thermodynamics 1

Prof. François Bouffard (Electrical and Computer Engineering), ECSE 361 Power Engineering

Prof. Marta Cerruti (Materials engineering), MIME 261 Structure of Materials

Prof. Lawrence Chen (Electrical and Computer Engineering), FACC 100 Intro to the Engineering Profession

Prof. Jeremy Cooperstock (Electrical and Computer Engineering), ECSE 529 Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Raphaël Fischler (Urban Planning), URBP 612 History and Theory of Planning

Prof. James Forbes (Mechanical Engineering), MECH 412 System Dynamics and Control

Prof. Corinne Hoesli (Chemical Engineering), CHEE 370 Elements of Biotechnology

Prof. Michael Kokkolaras (Mechanical Engineering), MECH 559 Engineering Systems Optimization

Prof. Nik Luka (Architecture), ARCH/URBP 604 Urban Design Seminar

Prof. Christopher Moraes (Chemical Engineering), CHEE 314 Fluid Mechanics

Prof. Ken Ragan (Physics, Faculty of Science), PHYS 101 Introductory Physics (Mechanics)

Prof. Inna Sharf (Mechanical Engineering), MECH 220 Mechanics 2

Prof. Ipek Tureli (Architecture), ARCH 684 Contemporary Theory 1


Strategies that might be featured during the classes include: (1) the use of a student response system (e.g., TurningPoint), (2) poster presentations to engage students and promote peer discussion/exchange of ideas, and (3) active learning strategies such as think-pair-share.