Calendar of Events:

Coffee & Chat: Summer 2021

All gatherings will take place on Zoom during the following times (topics are tentative):

  • Fri, Jun 18, 11 – 12: Teaching in F-2021: in-person, online, blended ?

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  • Fri, Jul 23, 12 – 1: To assess or not assess…that is the question

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  • Fri, Aug 20, 2 – 3: Are you ready for this?

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ELATE Annual Teaching and Learning Conference 2021

To support instructors as they prepare for teaching this coming fall semester, ELATE will be hosting several webinars as part of is Annual Teaching and Learning Conference. This year’s webinars will focus on blended learning.

Mon, Jun 21, 1 – 3 pm: Principles and examples of blended learning

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There will be several presentations on the principles of blended learning and assessment strategies, followed by a case study. Participants will also be introduced to the blended learning activities and assessments planner tool for making guiding decision-making with regards to course planning.

Blended learning activities and assessments(PDF iconwebinar_planning_for_fall_2021_engineering.pdf), Carolyn Samuel and Adam Finkelstein, Teaching and Learning

Blended learning design: a critical solution for precarious teaching times, Meghan Marshall, Marianopolis College

Implications of blended learning design on accreditation, Nasim Razavinia, Faculty of Engineering

Mon, Jul 12, 1 – 2 pm: The blended learning activities and assessments planner

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Participants who have used the blended learning activities and assessments planner to plan parts of their courses will have an opportunity to engage in discussion with their colleagues and obtain feedback.

Blended and flipped learning have much in common; however, there are factors that distinguish the two approaches. For further information on flipped learning, please see the following recordings from last year’s Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (webinars given by Robert Talbert):

What is flipped learning? (

Flipped learning design in seven steps (




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