Committee on Teaching and Learning

Terms of Reference

  • To improve the quality of teaching and learning in the Engineering Faculty.
  • To provide support to engineering staff to improve teaching effectiveness and student learning.
  • To provide analysis, advice and leadership on pedagogical issues.
  • To improve communication between academic staff and administration in the areas of teaching and learning.
  • To monitor the evolution of technology and its impact on teaching and learning

Membership 2018-2019


Academic Lead, Enhanced Learning and Teaching in Engineering (eLATE): Prof. Lawrence Chen


Architecture: Prof. David Theodore
Bioengineering: Prof. Sara Mahshid
Chemical Engineering: Prof. Christopher Moraes
Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics: Prof. Dominic Frigon
Electrical & Computer Engineering: Prof. James Clark
Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Jozsef Kovecses
Mining & Materials Engineering: Prof. Sidney Omelon

Urban Planning: Prof. Madhav Badami


Outstanding Teaching Award Winner: Prof. Larry Lessard
Chair, Engineering Committee on Computing: Prof. Shane McIntosh

University Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) Representative: Laura Winer (Director, TLS)
Faculty of Engineering Pedagogical Coordinator: Maria Orjuela-Laverde


EUS V-P Academic: Niloufar Seraj

Graduate Student Member: Sanesh Iyer