Ongoing Projects

KYC Sandbox Workshops

The Sandbox Workshops are part of our Out of Class programming, which aim to foster education outside of mainstream learning environments. Designed to stimulate creativity and innovation, these are hands-on workshops focused on design thinking and problem solving. Each workshop brings a different topic related to separate design cycle components (see our Action xDesign cycle video for more info). This year’s Sandbox workshops are intended to inspire imagination and innovation while connecting deeper with Indigenous culture, hosting high-school youth at the Kahnawake Youth Centre. We welcome you to get involved!


Beurling In-Class Activities

Hosted by the Beurling Academy in Verdun, our In-Class activities complement a Project Based Learning (PBL) curricular approach. Our workshops are intended to inspire an enhanced sense of personal connection and project creativity while learning about the world through the lens of various PBL topics. Following the Action xDesign Cycle, students are guided to explore different aspects of their project topics which they can apply directly to their school projects. Action xDesign outlines a series of workshops which support students to think critically and act locally. We are currently focusing on Design Cycle phases “Investigate and Empathize” and “Plan and Prepare” to help students navigate through their school projects.

E-IDEA Youth Action and Outreach Team (l to r): Ada Bierling, Marie-Chantal Plouffe, Midhat Noor Kiyani, and Odira Ofordueme

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