Addressing Anti-Black Racism

Our Approach to Addressing Anti-Black Racism

We are committed to challenging anti-Black racism within the Faculty of Engineering and creating an environment that promotes inclusion and opportunity for our Black students, faculty, and staff. As such, we are working on the following short-term goals to address anti-Black racism as part of our EDI strategy:

  1. Development of an Action Plan against Anti-Black Racism

    Working with the Faculty Equity Committee, McGill’s Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies), and an external consultant, we are developing a Faculty of Engineering Action Plan Against Anti-Black Racism in line with McGill’s Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism 2020-2025.

  2. Increasing Black student representation

    We are continuing our STEM outreach activities to Black communities in Montreal and are pursuing funding to improve the accessibility of Black students to our programs through dedicated undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, or need-based bursaries.

  3. Broadening workforce training related to equity and anti-Black racism

    We are educating and sensitizing the workforce of our Faculty (i.e., professors and staff) and the future workforce of the professions of engineering, architecture, and urban planning (i.e., our undergraduate and graduate students) on issues related to anti-Black racism in the University environment and the workplace. This is being done through tailored workshops, training, and awareness-building activities. We do this in collaboration with experienced McGill personnel whose roles are specifically dedicated to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the University.

  4. Promoting representation and success of Black academic and administrative staff

    We are adjusting our advertising, recruitment, and hiring practices for academic staff to ensure that they are more inclusive to Black professionals. Moreover, we are modifying our promotion and nomination processes (e.g., for awards, named chairs, etc.) to include procedures and criteria with the goal of promoting diversity. We are also dedicating a portion of our tenure-track recruitment licenses to the hiring of Black academic staff.

  5. Strengthening the Black student experience

    In collaboration with University Advancement, we are pursuing dedicated funds to support Black student organizations (such as the National Society of Black Engineers) in order to build a stronger Black community in the Faculty.

  6. Supporting Black students through the Equity Ambassadors Program

    We are broadening the diversity and training of our Equity Ambassadors and are considering training a contingent of students to become Equity Ambassadors to better support our Black students in feeling welcomed, respected, and capable of thriving in our Faculty.

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