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IT Services is McGill's central facility for the production and distribution of audiovisual, interactive and printed materials as well as the loan and maintenance of audiovisual equipment which relate to the use of technology in teaching. They provide professional support to the McGill environment at a minimal cost.

    • Equipment loan and servicing - A full range of audio, video, computer and projection equipment available for loan to McGill students and staff. They can also provide operators and technical assistance for courses and events held on campus. Equipment and personnel (during normal business hours) are provided free of charge for credit course activities. A minimal fee is charged for all other activities.

Professor Teaching

  • Course lecture recording - There are presently 9 classrooms equipped to make audio recordings of course lectures to which students are given access through the IT Services web site.
  • Learning technologies - IT Services provides an information and referral service on the use of computer-based learning technologies, including training and assistance for professors who wish to use the World Wide Web and the WebCT course management software (see below).

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The Web Course Tools (WebCT) is a course management software that provides instructors with tools for content delivery, class interaction, and student evaluation via the web. Since implementing this software in 1998, it has been used in hundreds of courses including more than 50 in engineering. As an online environment, WebCT provides key tools for extending the educational experience and is designed for use by instructors who are not necessarily technically oriented. Developing online course components is not difficult but does require time and some new expertise.

There are regularly scheduled WebCT workshops that instructors are encouraged to attend to get supervised exposure to WebCT and learn the techniques of WebCT course creation. myCourses (WebCT Vista) course sections are automatically created for all courses offered at McGill and there are no fees associated with using it or related support services. You may contact them by phone at: 398-3398 or by [at] (Email)

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