Building Regulations and Policies

Afterhours Access to Engineering Buildings

  • Access to Engineering Buildings is by prox card reader
  • The Building Director controls the access lists
  • Visitors are permitted and may be given access by a card holder with access privileges.
  • Visitors with a valid McGill IDare not required to be accompanied once inside the building.
  • Non-McGill visitors must be accompanied by a McGill cardholder at all times.
  • Visitors causing a disturbance or contravening McGill and/or Building regulations will be required to leave
  • Access privileges for rooms/labs secured by a card reader will be determined by the Access Manager for that card reader.

Regulations for Posters

You must obtain approval to put up posters anywhere in the Engineering Complex from one of the following offices:

  • SSMU Post It Service, University Centre
  • Engineering Undergraduate Society, McConnell Engineering Building, Room 7
  • Dean's Office, Faculty of Engineering, Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 378

Cultural or non-commercial organizations may put up their posters on campus, but only by direct arrangement with individual Building Directors, who have the authority to refuse such postings.

Student organizations wishing to post their own notices indoors must obtain the stamp of the Executive Director of the Students' Society before approaching the Building Director.

Commercial advertising (whether carried on a McGill-sponsored poster or for any private enterprise) disqualifies posters for indoor display on campus. This regulation is not intended to affect references to sponsorship by commercial organizations but refers specifically only to posters carrying commercial advertising.

No posters are allowed anywhere other than on the notice boards provided for that purpose.

Building Director's Responsibilities

The Building Administrator is responsible for the applying University policies concerning building management, safety, and security. He/she maintains a liaison role between building users and the service departments involved in the operation of the facilities including:

Please contact the Building Administrator to:

  • Authorize individuals who wish to leave Engineering buildings with equipment.
  • Authorize access to the building during silent hours in liaison with Security Services and the department concerned
  • Approve (or otherwise) the use of corridors or lobbies for any reason other than pedestrian use (e.g., posters, booths, special events).
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