Room Requests

General Room Information

  • Departments prepare their own bookings on Banner via internal methods.
  • During the months of September and January requests for non-course related activities will be treated only after the course add/drop deadline due to adjustments being made to the Minerva class schedule.
  • Room requests for non-Engineering activities/groups/clubs/associations must be made via McGill’s Events Bookings at McGill.
  • Any Minerva Class Schedule changes are to be sent directly to the Departmental Timetable Coordinator.
  • Instructors must contact [at] to verify software requirements for their course when requesting an EMF lab.
  • If a room is occupied without making an official booking, occupants may be required to leave the room for an official activity.
  • Due to scheduled evening classes, there may be little to no available rooms after 6pm.
  • Food and beverages are NOT permitted in any classroom at any time. If a room is found in disarray after a booking, you may be liable for cleaning services.
  • ICS provides a direct phone line in each classroom for technical help with room equipment.
  • Classroom repairs should be reported to the Porter in the respective buildings or by calling 4555.
  • All weekend room requests must be made through Events Bookings at McGill.

If you are not from the Faculty of Engineering please contact Events Bookings at McGill for assistance.

To Request a Lobby in an Engineering Building

Please follow procedures at Booking a Lobby

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