Room Requests for Engineering Faculty and Staff

Booking a room for an academic event

To use a general purpose classroom in any building on campus during the fall, winter, or summer sessions, faculty and staff request access through their departmental administrative office.  For non-course related activities involving external guests such as conferences, all requests must be submitted to Hospitality McGill.

Room request guidelines:

  • Departmental administrators must send a written request to the Student Affairs Office (MESC) via [at] This allows us to maintain a tracking system and to return confirmations upon completion of the room. The information below must be provided in order to facilitate the procedure:

Name of person responsible for the request(s)
Phone number/e-mail address
Name of Event/Course Number, (include section # & activity)
Head count
Date (MM/DD/YY)
Time (start/end) booking

  • Only lecture or auditorium classrooms are available (including two engineering computer teaching labs)
  • During the months of September and January room requests for events will be treated only after the course add/drop deadline due to adjustments being made to the Minerva class schedule. Room requests for lectures, tutorials and midterms will have priority.
  • Any Minerva Class Schedule related changes are to be sent directly to the Departmental Timetable Coordinator.
  • Instructors must contact [at] to verify software requirements for their course when requesting an EMF lab.
  • If a room is occupied without making an official booking, occupants may be required to leave the room for an official activity.
  • Due to scheduled evening classes, there may be little to no available rooms after 6pm.
  • ICS provides a direct phone line in each classroom for technical help with room equipment.

Classroom repairs should be reported to the Porter in the respective buildings or by calling 4555. Please see the list of building contacts:

Booking a room during a weekend

Requests to book a room on a weekend, must be submitted to Hospitality McGill.  Requests must be made two weeks in advance.
Entrances to McConnell, Macdonald Engineering Buildings, and classrooms are usually closed on weekends. Authorized individuals may enter through the main campus entrance of Frank Dawson Adams.

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