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Departments, Schools and Institutes

Bioengineering Email 514.398.7138
Chemical Engineering Department Email 514.398.4494
Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics Email 514.398.6860
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Email 514.398.7110
Mechanical Engineering Department Email 514.398.6296
Mining and Materials Engineering Department
Mining Engineering
Materials Engineering

admin.mining [at] (Email) 

coordinator.minmat [at] (Email)



Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture marcia.king [at] (Email) 514.398.6700
School of Urban Planning Email 514.398.4075
McGill Institute for Advanced Materials (MIAM) [at] (Email) 514.398.8718
McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering (MIAE) Email 514.398.8664
Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED) Email 514.398.6975

Undergraduate Education

General Information

info.faceng [at] (Email) 514.398.7257

New Student Advising [at] (Email)

Undergraduate Advising [at] (Email)

Inter-University Transfers [at] (Email)

Readmission and Faculty Transfers [at] (Email)

Exchange program [at] (Email)

Study Away [at] (Email)

Final Exam Deferral [at] (Email)

Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering (SURE) [at] (Email)

Room Booking Request [at] (Email)

Photo Contest [at] (Email)

Engineering Career Centre

careers4engineers [at] (Email)

Engineering Internship Program [at] (Email)


Graduate Education

The Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture


Administrative Officer
David Krawitz

david.krawitz [at] (Email) 514.398.6704

Student Advisor/Professional Program Administrator
Mary Lanni-Campoli

mary.lanni [at] (Email) 514.398.6702

Graduate Program Director
Prof. David Theodore

david.theodore [at] (Email) 514.398.6706

Graduate Secretary (Post-professional program)
Marcia King

marcia.king [at] (Email) 514.398.6701

PhD Administrator
Luciana Adoyo

phd.architecture [at] (Email) 514.398.6716

Chemical Engineering


Graduate Program Director
Prof. Phillip Servio

Phillip.Servio [at] (Email) 514.398.1026

Graduate Coordinator
Louise Miller-Aspin

louise.miller [at] (Email) 514.398.3483

Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics


Graduate Program Director
Prof. Luc Chouinard

luc.chouinard [at] (Email) 514.398.6446

Graduate Program Coordinator
Sun Chee Wong

gradinfo.civil [at] (Email) 514.398.6858

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Graduate Program Director
Prof. Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur

odile.liboiron-ladouceur [at] (Email) 514.398.6901

Graduate Program Coordinator
Ashley Araneta

grad.ece [at] (Email) 514.398.7344

Graduate Program Administrator
Caroline Brown

gradadministrator.ece [at] (Email) 514.398.2346

Graduate Program Coordinator
David Robles

grad.ece [at] (Email) 514.398.1406

Mechanical Engineering


Graduate Program Director (interim)
Francois Barthelat

francois.barthelat [at] (Email) 514.398.6318

Graduate Program Coordinator
Anne-Marie Pierre

grad.mecheng [at] (Email) 514.398.6281

Graduate Program Coordinator
Connie Greco

grad.mecheng [at] (Email) 514.398.8869

Mining and Materials Engineering


Graduate Program Director
Prof. Mathieu Brochu

mathieu.brochu [at] (Email) 514.398.2354

Associate Program Director
Prof. Showan Nazhat

showan.nazhat [at] (Email) 514.398.5524

Graduate Coordinator
Barbara Hanley

Barbara.Hanley [at] (Email) 514.398.4383
Accounts Administrator
June Persaud
june.persaud [at] (Email)

ext. 09562

School of Urban Planning


Graduate Program Direction (MUP and PhD)
Prof. Lisa Bornstein

lisa.bornstein [at] (Email) 514.398.4077

Prof. Richard Shearmur

RICHARD.SHEARMUR [at] MCGILL.CA (Email) 514.398.5404

Administrative Assistant
Paula Domingues

paula.domingues [at] (Email) 514.398.4075

Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator
Gladys Chan

Gladys.Chan [at] (Email) 514.398.4075


katya.marc [at] (Email)

Industry Collaboration

katya.marc [at] (Email)

The McGill Faculty of Engineering works with industry worldwide to build mutually beneficial relationships. We match industry needs with Faculty expertise; facilitate the exchange of ideas; encourage entrepreneurship and promote commercialization.

Alumni & Friends

engineering.alumni [at] (Email)

Administrative Services

Dean/Associate Deans/ Faculty Advisory Board [at] (Email) 514.398.7250
Human Resources [at] (Email) 514.398.7253
Finance Services [at] (Email) 514.398.7557
Microcomputing Facilities (EMF) [at] (Email) Help Desk ext: 00762
Building Administration [at] (Email) 514.398.2877
Workshop Services [at] (Email) 514.398.4784
Communications junji.nishihata [at] (Email) 514.398.2454

Teaching Enhancement [at] (Email)

Security [at] (Email)


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