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McGill University Engineering & Technology Career Fair - Techfair

2 Oct 2018 10:00
3 Oct 2018 15:00

Welcome to McGill University TechFair is a collaborative effort combining the resources and expertise of the Engineering Career Centre (ECC), the Engineering Student Society (EUS) and the Computer Science Student Society (CSUS). Created in the year 2000, the TechFair intends to connect McGill students in Engineering, Computer Science and Physical Sciences with the top employers in the field for the purpose of exploring career and/or internship opportunities.



RGDST Architecture Exhibition

11 Feb 2019
1 Mar 2019

RGDST Architecture Exhibition


Roundtable with exhibition curators

12 Feb 2019 15:00

Research Group on Democracy, Space and Technology present

Roundtable with exhibition curators of Exhibition