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Fall 2021

Research FAQ

Last update: August 12, 2021 at 11:50 a.m.

 If your question is not addressed below, please visit McGill's Coronavirus Information page.

How can I resume on-campus research?

McGill University has begun a cautious and gradual ramp up of research activities as of May 2020. The Faculty of Engineering has established a rigorous protocol for Prinicipal Investigators (PI) who are ready to restart on-campus research work in their laboratories.

As of August 5th 2020, McGill as moved into Phase 5 of research ramp up, which includes all buildings in the Faculty of Engineering complex. Please visit the Access Protocol page for more information.

Please also see McGill's Health Guidelines and Coronavirus Information page for safety measures and procedures while back on campus.

How can PIs organize maintenance of essential/critical services in the research labs/facilities? (cryogen refills/change of gas cylinders etc)?

This will be managed by the unit Chair/Director or delegate; a formal organization should be put into place so that there are back-up people in place for all responsibilities. Such an activity will be treated like any other request for lab access and, therefore, an exemption must be obtained from the Faculty. 

What do graduate students do about their research activities?

For graduate students who have questions related to the continuation of their research activities, please visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies page and follow up your departmental Graduate Program Director as needed.

Information about previous ramp down measures can be found here.

Protocol for Resumption of Research Activities 

As of August 5th, McGill entered Phase 5 of campus ramp up, which includes all buildings in the Faculty of Engineering complex.

The Faculty of Engineering has created protocols in line with the university's safety directives for the resumption of research activities on campus:

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