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Last update: January 12, 2020 at 12:00 pm

Everyone authorized to return to campus is required to consult McGill’s Health Guidelines and must depart the building as soon as their appointment/work/class is finished.

Please also see McGill's Coronavirus Information page for further safety measures and procedures while back on campus.

See: Protocol for Resumption of Research ActivitiesProtocol for Resumption of Non-Research ActivitiesSafe Passage Letter ProtocolOther Access Protocols for Short-Duration Visits to CampusOther Supporting Documents


Protocol for Resumption of Research Activities

A comprehensive protocol for resuming research activities, including (but not limited to) access requirements, specific safety and social distancing directives as mandated by the government and university, cleaning procedures, and illness reporting protocols.  

This protocol is for all requests related to the resumption of research activities and is to be used in conjunction with the Faculty Questionnaire for Resumption of Research Activities and Weekly Safety Report (below). 

Protocol for Resumption of Non-Research Activities

A comprehensive protocol for resuming non-research activities and includes (but is not limited to) access requirements, specific safety and social distancing directives as mandated by the government and university, cleaning procedures, and illness reporting protocols.  

This protocol is for the resumption of non-research activities, including student-facing services, teaching-related activities, preparation of materials, completion of time-sensitive tasks, extra-curricular activities, and *events. It is to be used in conjunction with the Faculty Questionnaire for Resumption of Non-Research Activities and Weekly Schedule – Non-Research Activities (below).

*For on-campus events, please review University Directives for On-Campus Events before filling our protocol (below).

Safe Passage Letter Protocol

Safe Passage Letter Protocol

Given the Government of Quebec’s announcement of a province-wide curfew from January 9th to February 8th to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Safe Passage letters are being provided to facilitate travel by McGill members (faculty, staff, and students) to / from campus for essential activities (academic, research, work) between 20h00 and 05h00 ONLY.  

  • Casual employees: Safe Passage letters can be issued. The employee must also print out and carry their confirmation of employment letter (available in Workday) or a recent pay stub. 
  • Visitors: Safe Passage letters must be issued from the McGill sponsor if not provided by visitor’s employer. Security Services will be unable to authenticate visitors as they do not have a McGill ID.
  • Service Technicians: Safe Passage letters may be required. In most cases the letter should be issued by the service technician’s employer. One exception may be international or out-of-province technicians as their employer may not be aware of the requirement. Safe Passage letters may be issued by the McGill sponsor for out-of-province technicians. For international travel, contact Procurement for assistance.  

NOTE: Letters are valid for the January 9th to February 8th period, and will be issued as needed and not on a pre-emptive basis. Letters issued in spring 2020 are no longer valid. 


1. If a Safe Passage letter is required for academic or research work:

a) Faculty and staff must send a request to the unit Chair/Director or delegate including the Request Information below.

b) Graduate students and undergraduate students involved in research activities must send a request to their Supervisor including the Request Information below.

Request Information:

  • Name 
  • ID 
  • Email address 
  • Unit  
  • Title/Student level 
  • PI/Supervisor 
  • Reason for requesting access 
  • Proposed date(s) and time(s) 

2. The Supervisor (in the case of student requests) must submit to the unit Chair/Director or delegate for approval.

3. The unit Chair/Director or delegate must forward the request and all above information to the leela.baldeo [at] (Building Manager) (leela.baldeo [at] 
4. The Building Manager will issue a Safe Passage letter to the requester. 

Letter Recipients:

  • Are personally responsible for proving the validity of their movements (I.e.: are responsible for being able to produce the letter upon request from law enforcement) 

  • Must also carry their McGill ID and be able to produce as requested 

  • Students with a Safe Passage letter for attending a course must also print and carry a copy of their class schedule along with the Safe Passage letter and their McGill ID card

  • Should print a paper copy of the letter to keep on their person and maintain a backup on a smartphone, if possible 


Other Access Protocols for Short-Duration Visits to Campus

Other Supporting Documents

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