McGill MakersHub

McGill MakersHub

Where creativity drives innovation

 The McGill MakersHub is an educational tool to provide undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and academic staff the access to advanced manufacturing and design services. The MakersHub concept aims to be a key component for teaching product design and core mechanical engineering curriculum. Moreover, it helps in providing more hand-on machining experience.

 Our MakersHub main goal is to close the gap from ideas to prototypes, products, and market. This facility provides students, researcher, and academic staff with tools for rapid prototyping to help them become more involved in extracurricular activities and building prototypes of what they design, which is an invaluable educational experience concept that they may have.

In addition to being an important learning space for the undergraduate students, this MakersHub enable graduate student and researcher to use the equipment to build their research apparatuses. Moreover, MakersHub aims to give undergraduates the opportunity to engage with faculty and graduate students via mentoring and create student networks over the learning experience that is involved in exchanging ideas, designing and building prototypes. 

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