Compass Startup Legal Clinic

Launching your first start-up?

Have a legal, accounting or financial question?

Or are you trying to understand incorporation, how to hire someone or how to protect your technology?

Book an appointment with Compass Startup Legal Clinic and allow them to guide you in the right direction!

Compass Startup Legal Clinic is a pro bono (that means free!) legal information clinic for entrepreneurs. They empower founders by providing curated legal and business resources, information, workshops and access to a network of partners that get startups off the ground. Whether you need help setting up your company, understanding how to incorporate, how to protect your technology, how to budget your finances or even hire your first employee, Compass' team of legal entrepreneurs in residence will guide you through your journey.Caseworkers will meet clients in person at McGill University or via phone as requested.

If you are hesitant as to whether they can answer your legal or business needs, contact them directly for assistance at: hello [at] They also have drop-in hours every Monday and Friday from 12pm-4pm at McGill Engine Centre Conference Room, FDA5D.  Book an appointment: Visit

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