Startup Internship Program

The McGill Engine has created a new initiative this summer to help provide mentorship and learning experiences for McGill students over the summer. There are 10 internship positions available, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with both the startup and a mentor at the Engine Centre to ensure you have a well rounded learning experience.  

Image of an office desk with computer, push pin and pencils.

Intern Eligibility 

  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status
  • Recognized as full-time student at McGill University
  • Access to a computer and reliable internet 

General Information   

  • Application Deadline Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST 
  • Start date Monday June 1st, 2020
  • Intern interviews will take place during the week of May 18th
  • A stipend of $4,500 will be awarded (over 6 installments)
  • Positions are full time over 12 weeks
  • A T4A tax slip will be provided for the full stipend amount
  • Due to COVID-19 Government directives the internship is scheduled to be offered remotely

Internship Opportunities

The interns were selected early June, click here to see their profiles!

Business Development & Marketing Intern at Stocate

Stocate is an online platform that supports the Buy Local movement by connecting local sellers with potential buyers. We represent small businesses, artists, grassroots organizations, producers, and independent teachers in our mission to empower individuals to find, create, and add their own value to the world. Our team directly engages with our sellers and their customers so that we can find ways to support them, especially during the current pandemic. Help us make it easier to “find what you need locally”! 

Internship Description
We are looking for a hard-working and communicative team player to help us develop Stocate as a social-impact business. We will first discuss how your passions align with our needs. Based on this, your responsibilities could include developing and executing our business and marketing strategies, designing our platform, and finding meaningful ways to engage with our customers and users. You will have direct access to our team members and plans so that you can learn with us and experience growing a business. 

Required Skills/Qualifications
Stocate is looking for a passionate, bilingual intern who is pursuing a major or minor in commerce. Note that we will consider all applicants based on their achievements and experience. The following skills are required:  
•Conversational fluency in English and French 
•Communication, organization, and problem-solving. 
•Resourcefulness and active learning. 
•Capacity to be flexible and adapt in a fast-paced growth environment 
•Experience with Microsoft Office (eg. Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and social media (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). 

Desired Skills/Qualifications
•Full-stack development (website, app, API, database) 
•Business administration and marketing 
•Proficiency in any other languages 
•Familiarity with the economic and cultural landscape of Montreal 

Additional Information
You will be given any tools and training needed to be able to operate remotely during your internship. You will also be engaged in weekly team meetings and one-on-one sessions with your direct supervisor(s) to help you reach your goals. 

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Data Scientist Intern at Blue City Technology

Blue City Technology's mission is to make roads safer, reduce commute times, and cut emissions. We develop software to provide cities with the data to better understand and improve their transportation network.
Blue City Technology's solution is based on deep learning, machine vision, and LiDAR. The data we provide is used to effectively plan the transportation infrastructure of a city, coordinate traffic lights across road networks, and boost pedestrian and cyclist safety.
Our team is comprised of two PhD graduates from CIVE, a post Doc from COMP, and a former ECSE undergrad, all from McGill.

Internship Description
This summer, we'll be working on two major projects: building our safety analysis solution, and improving our algorithm training pipeline. These projects are machine-learning heavy, and will give our Summer Data Scientist an opportunity to build real-world tools alongside our team.
Our safety analysis solution is based on the trajectories of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. Our Summer Data Scientist will collaborate closely with our CTO to incorporate machine learning algorithms, such as gaussian processes and anomaly detection, to develop a surrogate safety analysis tool to correlate near misses with accidents.
Improvement of our training pipeline will maximize the value of our current dataset, and automate the data labeling process. For this project, our Summer Data Scientist will be designing and building the UI and automating the data labeling platform. Again, we'll be applying machine-learning techniques including Bayesian deep learning, maximum likelihood, and semi-supervised learning.

Our ideal Summer Data Scientist has software development experience and research experience. They are comfortable with a remote position, and can effectively communicate their bottlenecks and successes to our small team via Slack, email or phone.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Currently/recently majoring OR minoring in Engineering, Science, or Computer Science
  • Coding knowledge and experience with Python and JS.
  • *NOTE* Part of the interview process includes a take-home challenge that involves using Python and learning a new API.
  • Have software development experience, through past internships or created your own project(s) that you can show us. Please include any relevant project links in your resume.
  • Comfortable using Ubuntu.

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Currently/recently majoring OR minoring in Engineering, Science, or Computer Science.
  • Coding knowledge and experience with Python and JS.
  • *NOTE* Part of the interview process includes a take-home challenge that involves using Python and learning a new API.
  • Have software development experience, through past internships or created your own project(s) that you can show us. Please include any relevant project links in your resume.
  • Comfortable with Ubuntu.

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Full Stack Developer Intern at DawaSwift Inc.

DawaSwift Inc. is a Toronto and Nairobi-based healthcare software company that is on a mission to eliminate the barriers of availability, accessibility and affordability of medications and healthcare services globally. The company which was founded by Odero Otieno in late 2018, and participated in the 2019 Next Canada Accelerator in Toronto, having also received the McGill EngIne TechAccel grants and several other local and global awards since inception, including 3rd place at the 2019 Toronto Global Entrepreneurship Awards. 
Our first product is DawaSwift is. an on-demand medicine delivery platform that connects pharmacies with patients through delivery partners. 
Backed by Entrepreneur First which is a leading international talent investor, the company is now working on a new product called Healthipy.  
Healthipy is an enterprise-grade healthcare insurance technology platform streamlining the integration between patients, providers, pharmacies and health insurance companies, dramatically reducing friction and creating a more repeatable model, and enabling the former 3 to get insurance claims paid instantly. 
Through its AI-powered infrastructure, Healthipy enables insurance companies, providers and pharmacies to better engage their customers by offering personalized and compliant health insurance products. 
For Summer 2020 period, the intern will join the fast-growing ten-member team at DawaSwift that also includes Odero Otieno 
(Co-Founder and CEO, B. Eng 2020) and Winnie Nyakundi (Program Manager, B.Eng 2019).  

Internship Description
Over the next 12 weeks, the intern will collaborate with our team Healthipy's, AI-powered web and mobile application that connects patients to hospitals (and doctors), pharmacies and their insurers globally to ensure 
insurance claims can be paid in minutes:on-demand. This project 
spans various parts of our existing system, and will involve collaborating with our business, sales and operations teams at DawaSwift offices in Toronto and Nairobi to understand and solve our users’ pain points. 

Required Skills/Qualifications
What excites you as an intern: 

  • Given an open ended micro-service project with multiple unsolved problems requiring research, problem-solving and code it into a clean, Dockerized app and AGILE methods in less time 
  • Analyzing multiple approaches to solving problems, including proactively considering outside the box solutions, and you can support your choices with clear, logical communication 
  • Reporting progress and results concisely, proactively anticipate and communicate potential problems 
  • Maintain, document, and debug, apps that you or others have built, without assistance 
  • Proactively self educating on current trends, and continually update your best practices with minimal guidance 

Desired Skills/Qualifications

What excites us:

  • Pursuing Bachelor's degree in CS, STEM, or similar at McGill
  • Demonstrated software engineering experience through previous
  • internships/jobs
  • Experience with Python, Linux, Docker, React
  • Experience frontend programming in React
  • Experience with GraphQL and Hasura
  • Understanding of UX Design principles


  • Pursuing Master's Degree in CS, STEM, or similar 
  • Additional years of experience in programming, perhaps in other 
  • languages 
  • Domain expertise in security fundamentals and/or insurance 
  • Experience with GraphQL and Hasura 
  • Domain expertise in InsurTech, digital health, finance, banking, 
  • or FinTech 
  • Experience working with data, data security, or other highly 
  • regulated industry 
  • Ability and desire to translate broad vision into daily 
  • engineering tasks 
  • Ability and desire to self-educate and proactively grow

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Full Stack Software Developer Intern at Afrobeats Central 

Afrobeats Central is a digital marketing company that aims to connect Afrobeats artists to editors, content curators, tastemakers on various streaming platforms as well as music magazines and blogs. The companies platform will make it possible for upcoming artists especially, to get their music heard. 

Internship Description
Afrobeats Central is looking for a creative and innovative individual to join its team. We are looking for a team member to help us develop the front and back-end of a highly interactive and user-friendly web application. In summary, your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: 
- Design and implementation of the web application. 
- QA and UAT of all developed features. 
- Implementation of security and data protection.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good problem solving skills. 
  • Hands on experience with Web Applications and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and API's. 
  • Experience using advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as NodeJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS etc. 
  • Knowledge of database/storage technology e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL. 

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Understanding/experience with developing predictive models.
  • Experience building responsive applications across a variety of browsers and devices. 
  • Web User Interface Design (UI) 
  • Web Services (REST/SOAP) 

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Full-Stack Developer Intern at Neat

Neat is a collaborative, team management platform that focuses on building context for projects in order to make past work more reusable. We are a team of five engineering students on a mission to build the next-generation productivity tool that pushes teams to innovate faster and avoid redundant work. 

Internship Description
The intern position will be in an Agile team collaborating on cross-disciplinary responsibilities associated with the development of an early stage startup. They would participate in weekly Agile scrum ceremonies, be assigned technical user stories to complete and have an input in all discovery and ideation meetings. The intern would see the business aspect of collaborating in an entrepreneurial environment while learning what aspects matter to businesses and stakeholders. Fit matters to us: you are excited when you experience ambiguity and uncertainty, you are empathetic and creative. A positive attitude with a willingness to learn new skills is the main prerequisite we require. 

Required Skills/Qualifications
Must be a Software Eng or Comp Sci major, or have equivalent work experience. Full-stack development competence and good working knowledge of Javascript are also required. 

Desired Skills/Qualifications
Past work experience is not required but preferred. 

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Marketing and Sales Intern at Lunavoy Inc.

Lunavoy Inc. is disrupting the tourism space with its artificial intelligence powered online marketplace that personalizes touristic activities to each traveler’s profile and travelers among themselves. Essentially, we are a one-stop shop for millennial and gen z travelers to experience unique local travel activities in a group with other like-minded travelers at a cheaper price. 

Internship Description
We are looking for a self-starter, able to keep up in a fast-pace environment, a team player and a very curious learner. At Lunavoy, we care deeply about tailoring projects that aligns with our interns' interests. To offer them the maximum amount of value to sharpen and develop skills in their tool box that will enable them to come out with a greater professional value. Throughout the internship, you will have a direct impact on our pilot project and will touch on the following responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies based on branding, logic, research, and data
  • Manage, grow, and drive traffic to website and social media channels
  • Content creation and design
  • Identify the latest consumer and market trends affecting tourism industry
  • Drive sales on the supply side

Required Skills/Qualifications 

  • Strong digital marketing knowledge
  • Familiarity with ad/campaign managers on social media
  • Direct experience posting and engaging in followers on social media channels
  • Data-driven, clear understanding of data, analytics, metrics and statistics

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Familiar with growth hacking and marketing tools
  • Knowledge of graphic design skills

Additional Information
At Lunavoy, we proud ourselves on inclusivity and a dynamic work culture that encourages creativity and passion. Our aim is for the student intern to maximize his/her learning experience, to improve and develop their toolbox of current and new skills through challenging achievable projects tailored around their interest. For each internship to be enjoyable, informative, and exciting where each intern comes out with a greater professional value on the job market and personal growth

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Software Developer Intern at Recycling Pioneers 

Recycling Pioneers are a student group led by three McGill students. We are working closely with McGill Building and Grounds and various engineering departments to create a smart waste platform to monitor waste habits at McGill in real time, to educate and encourage the community to improve recycling behaviors. The data collected will allow Building and Grounds to dramatically improve their waste management operations to reduce workload and waste on campus. Let’s not put that valuable data to waste, and turn that trash can’t into a trash can! 

Internship Description
The Recycling Pioneers are looking for a Software Developer Intern to join our mission. In this role, you will collaborate with our team, a former capstone team of mechanical engineers, and the Building and Grounds department to make the vision of a smart waste platform a reality. You will be an integral part of RP’s small but growing team. Projects include establishing data transfer for waste station hardware, designing public infographics displays to display real-time data, and streamlining data collection and storage. You will have the opportunity to actively participate in all phases of the development process, from requirements and design through implementation and testing.  
Responsibilities and duties: 
- Perform independent technical work to achieve the software requirement specifications.  
- Research and provide recommendations on the best tools to accomplish tasks.  
- Provide progress updates every week.  
- Have regular meetings and brainstorm sessions with the Recycling Pioneers and Building and Grounds Department. 

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Undergraduate student in computer science or related field.  
  • Strong competency in frontend and backend software development.  
  • Strong competency in at least one major programming language (C, Java, Python).

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Has experience coding and working with Arduino based microcontrollers, or other microprocessors 
  • Has experience working with databases  
  • Is driven, creative and an independent thinker 

Additional Information

  • We will supply a mini-PC that is to be installed near waste stations for public displays.
  • We will supply an external monitor or a TV screen at home. If they do not have one, we can supply it.  
  • We will supply an arduino microcontroller / cables / free software  
  • We will supply the first prototype of a Smart Waste weight + motion sensors developed by the 2019 MechEng Capstone team. 

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Software Engineering Intern (Mobile and backend developer) at NIA


NIA, a bilingual (Swahili&English) AI-powered personal financial management assistant chatbot, in Tanzania, accessible through mobile banking and payment apps, empowering users to acquire relevant financial knowledge, informative financial reports, and make queries about their accounts. 
NIA is intended to be a Business to Business solution, however, the clients facing these mobile banking and payment apps will be the final consumers. NIA offers three main features:

1. Financial knowledge: NIA provides chunk-sized, curated personal financial education content that is relevant to the particular individual (i.e., a teen, elderly, entrepreneur, young adults, employees, etc.) helping them have a better relationship with their money. 
2. Live Communication: 24/7 access to the chatbot, accessible from the already existing mobile banking and payment apps, gives users the ability to make human-level understandable commands to query about their accounts e.g., bank statement, balance, transaction history, etc.
3. Insights: NIA gives insights on accounts expenditure using visualization tools

PDF icon Nia PDF 

Internship Description
We are looking for a mobile and backend software engineer/developer to join us this summer at NIA. 
Generally at the end of the internship bring an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), by doing the following:
1. Build core features of the product, including but not limited to, Convert the wireframes into an app with API services, that will allow the data points to be consumed by the app to provide a well designed and functioning analytics panel.
2. Maintain, document, and debug source code that you or others have built, while maintaining a working communication within team.
3. Actively self-educating as per requirement or skill gap on best practices, modern approach with minimum handholding and proper documentation.

You’ll be working with Monica Mhina (MEng. Electrical Engineering, McGill 2020), and our Fin-tech/industry based co-founders Abdulswamad Makuya (BSc. Computer Science, SUZA 2020; Data Analyst) and Kadhija Abdullah (BSc. Economics, Yale 2016, Product and Analytics Manager). Please note that our team is based in both Canada and Tanzania. We look forward to onboarding you to #teamNIA!

Required Skills/Qualifications
1. Computer Science, Software engineering, or any related majors.
2. Brilliant analytical skills, ability to think logically and rationally about problems.
3. Experience with UI/UX wireframing apps more preferably Adobe XD. 
4. Prior experience working with web or mobile apps with third-party services orchestrated especially the MVVM, MVC, or third-party RESTful services for instance chatbots, NLP engines.

Desired Skills/Qualifications
1. A systems thinker - ability to understand linkages and interactions between individual components in a fin-tech product.
2. Conceptual/High-level understanding of Machine learning i.e ML model infused app, NLP.
3. Ability or experience to use android app native language (preferably Kotlin) and/or proficient knowledge with cross-platform development language preferably React Native.

1. Knowledge or experience with containerization techniques with dockers, openshift etc.
2. Good Understanding of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines tools.
3. Ability to write automated and/or unit testing code for Android/iOS applications.

Additional Information

The intern would require some services such as:
1. Github account for software version control and a Skype account for communication.
2. Either an android or an iOS phone to test the look and feel, functionality of NIA on a real device.

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Web Developer Intern at The Sweater Guys 

The Sweater Guys is a student-run start-up business dedicated to manufacturing, selling, and delivering the highest quality sweater prints in a manner that provides the best value to our customers. The company was started after we (Dexter and Dominic) were tasked with creating merchandise for their residence in 2017. We quickly grew frustrated with the process: overpriced items, slow delivery times and an unresponsive customer service. So, we decided to do it ourselves. We walked away with a healthy profit, and a new idea: The Sweater Guys. We got to work building the company, making sales and creating new hardware. The goal was to completely automate the sweater printing process through proprietary technology and automation, allowing us to provide products at a lower price, print merchandise at a faster rate, and provide unparalleled customer support. We have now printed, sold and delivered custom sweaters to every major university in Canada. The company has been entirely bootstrapped from a $300 initial investment and is currently generating five figure revenues every quarter. Bootstrapping has allowed us to learn and grow with the company, making mistakes and perfecting our skills along the way. 

Internship Description
The Sweater Guys’ internship program is a great way to get involved in a startup and learn necessary skills of entrepreneurship and scaling alongside a hard working and super fun team! We are looking for an ambitious and talented front-end developer to operate remotely on react/js functional components. If you are a developer with backend and server architecture experience, mobile dev or robotics, we can also use you so send us your resumes! 

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • React.JS, Firebase, Node.JS, 

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Full-stack developer, backend server architecture 

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

Web/Software Development Intern at Cookiestruct

Cookiestruct brings friends and family closer together through sweet cookie creations. We offer custom 3D-printed cookie cutters to all Canadians. We are currently 4 people on the team. 

Internship Description
Build our e-commerce website using a framework of your choice with suggestions from our mockup. It could be on javascript and Node.js, or it could be based on WooCommerce. You have the freedom! 

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Experience with Javascript, HTML, CSS, Wordpress 
  • Communicative 
  • Comfortable performing tasks independently and not afraid to voice opinions 
  • Organized and reliable 
  • Flexible and able to handle routine as well as unexpected assignments 

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Knowledge of liquid code from Shopify 

Application deadline was Sunday May 17th @ 11:59 PM EST

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