TechAccel Grants

Image of the TechAccel grantee Acrylic Designs working on their project.

TechAccel Grants

Fall & Winter TechAccel Grants

The TechAccel Grants help students jump-start and accelerate their technologically-based ideas that have business or social impact potential. Teams develop their entrepreneurial skills through a seven-part online training platform and one-on-one business mentorship and project funding for product, process, or service development. The program allows participants to define the core purpose of their startup, clarify their vision to their team and potential investors, speak with actual stakeholders to help test the team’s hypotheses, and have the ability to present an overview of the startup venture in a convincing and clear way as part of a succinct pitch presentation (TechAccel Showcase). This program allows student participants to receive CCR recognition as it is an approved Enriched Educational Opportunities (EEO) program. The grants come out of the Faculty of Engineering Innovation Fund*, which is funded by charitable gifts from alumni and other community donors.

* This Innovation Fund is not an investment fund. Donors are not investing in the companies. Donations made by donors are charitable contributions, which may be tax deductible. Grants are distributed to students through reimbursement of allowed project expenses.

$176,000in funding granted over the last 6 years




application success rate


+12%innovation skills*
65startup projects helped over the last 6 years
+25%entrepreneurial skills*

* based on self-efficacy surveys of the Summer and Fall 2020 cohorts

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Session-September 12th, 2021, 11:59PM (EST)
  • Winter Session -January 16th, 2022, 11:59PM (EST)
  • Summer Session -April 10th, 2022, 11:59PM (EST)

Applications are reviewed within 2-3 weeks after the submission deadlines by members of the McGill Engine team and the Innovation Committee when applicable.


Up to $6,000 in funding to help you develop your startup venture  

Personalized coaching and mentorship from one of our TechAccel Mentors

Access to resources that increase your entrepreneurial skill sets and track your progress


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