The McGill Engine will continue to offer the Startup Internship Program that was created last summer to provide mentorship and learning experiences for McGill students over the summer. Seven approved and eligible McGill-affiliated startup ventures will have the chance to interview and select one full-time McGill undergraduate intern for the summer. Engine will cover the stipend of $6,000 which will go directly to the intern over a 12 week period, from May 31st -August 20th. The startup will have the opportunity to further develop their venture with help from the summer intern and students will have the opportunity to collaborate with both the startup and a mentor at the Engine Centre to ensure they have a well rounded learning experience.  

Intern Eligibility 

  • Recognized as full-time student at McGill University
  • Access to a computer and reliable internet (the positions are scheduled to be remote for the time being)

General Information   

  • Startup Application Deadline March 28th, 2021 @ 11:59 PM EST
  • Once the startups have been selected, the internship positions will be posted around April 5th, 2021 (call for applications will be open for 3 weeks)
  • Intern Application Deadline April 25th, 2021@ 11:59 PM EST
  • Intern interviews will take place during the week of May 3rd, 2021
  • Intern start date May 31st, 2021
  • A stipend of $6,000 will be awarded to the intern (over 5 installments)
  • Positions are full time over 12 weeks
  • A T4A tax slip will be provided to the intern for the full stipend amount
  • Due to current COVID-19 Government directives the internship is scheduled to be offered remotely

Internship Opportunities

Android Developer Intern at CourseLnk

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST 

CourseLnk is a student-run, community oriented app that seeks to connect students together in order to help them keep up with their classes. The app is available at McGill and Western Universities and is the easiest way to find course group chats and classmates, especially during a time when in-person teaching and on-campus activities are not occurring.

Internship Description
In the fall of 2021, CourseLnk will expand to 40 Canadian and American Universities. As a part of this expansion, we are looking to build an android application. An intern is required to help us create this part of our platform.

The intern will work closely with Abe, an experienced android developer, assisting with the development for our full stack android application. We would like the intern to help complete the integration of all our features that currently exist on our platform to the android app.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Be proficient in Java, C, Python, or any other OOP language.
  • Be willing to learn the ins and outs of android development
  • Have good communication and collaboration skills

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Experience working in team development settings
  • Have previous experience using Android Studio
  • Database experience (Firestore, SQL, AWS...)
  • Familiar with Google Cloud (ie Firebase)

Bioelectrical Engineer at LFAnt Medical

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST 

LFAnt Medical is a Canadian healthtech startup dedicated to revolutionizing point-of-care diagnostics for at-home detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other infectious diseases. Founded out of the Department of Bioengineering at McGill University in 2019, our student-led team combines proprietary biosensing technologies with the latest advances in microelectronics and machine learning to deliver accessible, inexpensive, and connected testing solutions.

LFAnt was founded on the vision of bringing clinical testing of STIs out of the doctor’s office and into the home. The next generation of sexual healthcare depends on providing rapidly growing telemedicine platforms with the remote testing capabilities necessary to offer holistic services that encompass both the diagnosis and treatment of STIs. To address this unmet need, LFAnt is developing the Compact, a single-use diagnostic device, similar to a digital pregnancy test, for the rapid and reliable detection of chlamydia and gonorrhea. LFAnt is also developing a mobile platform for wireless integration of the Compact test kit that enables AI-powered smartphone results interpretation and direct connection to medical practitioners through local telehealth services.

More broadly, our purpose is to democratize rapid testing services for infectious diseases at large. LFAnt’s core technology ultimately offers a versatile platform that is readily adaptable to pathogens beyond chlamydia and gonorrhea. With the support of the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and industrial partners from across North America, LFAnt is also pursuing the development of a rapid test for COVID-19 antibodies with its portfolio of proprietary technologies. With these advancements, LFAnt aims to be a leader in next-generation rapid testing technologies by empowering patients with the diagnostic tools and autonomy they seek for monitoring their health at home.

Visit the LFAnt Medical website: https://www.lfantmedical.com/
Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lfantmedical/

Internship Description
As a Bioelectrical Engineering Intern with LFAnt, you will support the ideation, research, and development of innovative projects at the intersection of biology, microelectronics, and signal processing. Our ideal candidate has strong independent research capabilities (i.e. able to perform scientific literature reviews and grasp current research topics) combined with hands-on experience prototyping and troubleshooting electrical and biomedical device hardware. They also possess creative and critical thinking abilities and the desire to work in a flexible and rapidly changing environment. Interns may work remotely, or in-person out of LFAnt’s Montreal-based office and lab spaces.

Responsibilities include:

Verification of biosensor prototypes. Design and execute benchtop experiments with biological samples to analyze performance parameters (e.g. limit of detection, linear range, time to results) of digital rapid-testing configurations. Report results and observations in experiment summaries.

Development of embedded electrical systems. Support rapid prototyping of electronic circuits and digital biosensing components through schematic capture, PCB layout, and system testing. Coordinate PCB fabrication and assembly.

Literature review and synthesis of selected topics in biosensors and embedded systems. Identify relevant methods and techniques for the design, fabrication, and operation of digitally-integrated biosensors. Document research and present exploratory findings at weekly design review meetings.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • At least 2 years of study towards an undergraduate degree in electrical, biological, or biomedical engineering (or equivalent)
  • Strong interpersonal skills as well as a high degree of autonomy and creativity
  • Strong communication skills in English (French is an asset)

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Industry or academic experience in biomedical devices or related fields
  • Experience working with embedded electrical systems and associated measurement equipment (oscilloscope, multimeter, etc)
  • Experience with simulation and signal processing (SPICE, Simulink, or equivalent)

Front-end Developer for Native Application at Pètience

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST 

Founded by two McGill engineering students in 2020, Pètience is a tech start-up that aims to provide pet parents a comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly platform that eases their pet parenting process, while connecting local pet service providers and pet parents together. Our mission is to help shape a pet-friendly future in the post-COVID Canadian community that is filled with responsible pet parents and sustainable pet businesses. As a team, we strive to be customer-centered and service-oriented; we value teamwork, embrace changes; we focus on continuous learning, innovation, and integrity.
To know more about Pètience:

Internship Description
Are you a pet lover? Want to be part of the Native App development over the summer?
We have an excellent opportunity for anyone who has front-end experience at any level. Collaborating closely with our amazing business team, you will be joining a close-knit development team while having autonomy over your tasks! At the end of this internship, you would be able to understand how the Agile/Scrum methodology applies in a start-up, hone your front-end developing skills, and even have opportunities to learn some basics of back-end development. We hope to have you on board and help us grow. Apply today!

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote

Education and Qualities:

  • Undergraduate in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related field
  • Ability to work in an Agile and fast-paced environment
  • Strong oral communication skills in English
  • Detail-oriented, ability to multitask with strong prioritization, planning, organization, and execution skills

During the summer, the intern’s essential responsibilities are to:

  • Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, design, test, release, and support)
  • Produce fully functional mobile applications writing clean code
  • Identify and plan for features to be developed
  • Develop application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality
  • Remain up to date with the terminology, concepts, and best practices for coding Native apps
  • Work closely with the team to constantly innovate app functionality and design
  • Write unit and UI and UX tests to identify malfunctions
  • Communicate with users to understand their needs and experiences

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge of at least one programming language like Swift, Java, or React Native
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs required
  • Basic understanding of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.
  • Superior analytical skills with a good problem-solving attitude
  • Ability to perform in a team environment
  • Strong oral and written skills
  • Ability to interpret and follow technical plans

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Experience with React Native, JavasScript, or SQL
  • Knowledge of user testing (UT)
  • Portfolio of released applications in the App Store or the Android market
  • Strong execution ability
  • Fast self-learning skills
  • A pet at home or you are a pet lover!

Mobile App Development at TrustCare

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST 

Do you have loved ones living in care facilities? Ever worry about the quality of care they are receiving when you are away? TrustCare, a for-profit company, aim to provide an innovative solution to facilitate the communication between residents’ family members and the care facilities.

Our proposed solution is an AI-based system composed of an information collecting module and the mobile phone app designed for receiving information. The information collecting module can locally process videos taken in the resident’s room and send concise textual information to family members and caregivers' mobile phones. The text would include information about what food the residents were served and what they ate, information about the residents’ location (I.e. bed, chair, bathroom) and movements (or lack thereof), and information about the presence of care givers. The mobile phone app can summarize the data as status and events related to the residents. For the family members, our system helps them to learn real-time status of their beloved ones in the facilities. For the caregivers, our system helps them to respond in time to residents’ needs. Therefore, this system serves as an effective bridge for communication, which can minimize distrust between the two parties and ensure residents enjoy the best quality of care.

Currently, our team consists of 9 graduate students (3 PhD and 6 masters), 2 external consultants and 2 mentors.

Internship Description
The App that we are trying to build is a web-based App, which can be later transformed into a mobile App. We are seeking for an intern who can take EITHER the frontend or the backend development.


  • Developing Android/iOS app, or developing backend service.
  • Helping to build and maintain the project website.
  • Testing new features of the app.
  • Collaborating with the tech team to develop the system pipeline.
  • Preparing documentation.

Expectation of the internship:
You will learn about the full stack of web-based platform application development, together with our experienced developers. You will also learn about basics on startup in the field of healthcare.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • If you are interested in backend development, you need to at least have some programming experience in Java.
  • If you are interested in App development, you need to have at least some programming experience in HTML, JavaScript, knowing Vue.js will be a plus.
  • Good coding and commenting style.
  • Good team player. Good analytical, problem solving, and communication skills.

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Knowledge in Java development or website development.
  • Experience in database design and knowledge in MySQL will be a plus.
  • Experience in UI design.
  • Knowledge in French will be a plus.

Signal Processing at SWAM

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST

SWAM comprises four multidisciplinary McGill Varsity Swimmers (studying engineering, computer science, and business) who identified an opportunity to enhance swimmer performance by improving the quality and quantity of data available to coaches to more effectively assess and improve an athlete’s performance.

In order to improve the coaching experience and enhance athletic performance we are developing wearable hardware that provides users with never-seen-before data driven insight. Through the use of non-intrusive wearable hardware nodes placed on an athlete's body we will be able to give the position of every node in space over time. When data is collected we are able to provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as a 3D render of an athlete in real time. The 3D render in combination with KPIs will allow coaches to retroactively review and analyze swimmer’s strokes and stroke efficiency from multiple angles, providing a new and unique method for swimming improvement.

Our vision is to advance athletic performance by developing, promoting and improving the ease of use of electronic analysis tools. We believe that the rise of the IoT and miniature wearables will shift coaching towards a more data driven approach. We want to accelerate that transition and help coaches leverage those tools to make training more personalized and efficient than ever before.

Internship Description
The intern will be assisting us in the design of our local positioning hardware system. In the system, the hardware nodes determine the time of flight of Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio frequency signals they send to each other to compute the distances between the nodes (two-way ranging). The role of the intern is to assist us in the design of the system and identify key ways to improve its accuracy.

This position will give them experience in a project lead position where personal initiative is key to success. Furthermore, they will gain experience working with UWB ranging technology, an emerging field led by its adoption in all new Apple Products (U1 Chip).

The Intern's main activities will be:

  • Designing and performing various experiments with radio frequency (Ultra-Wideband) transceivers and Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)
  • To identify main sources of inaccuracies in two-way ranging systems across multiple media (air & water).
  • To determine which sources of errors can be mitigated and propose efficient solutions.
  • To design a solution for one of these sources (or multiple, if time permits), and build a prototype to evaluate the solution.

In addition to these activities, there are several accessory activities the intern may assist us with:

  • Design PCBs and Circuits to reduce the size of our hardware.
  • Assist the team and give valuable insights regarding hardware throughout the employment period.
  • Assist in programming micro-controllers and FPGAs.

Required Skills/Qualifications
Test: Technical Interview

Soft Skills Required:

  • Demonstrates initiative and is reliable
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organizational/time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Proposes solutions based on analysis and judgement
  • Able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently

Technical Skills:

  • Experience with embedded systems and micro-controller programming
  • Experience with wireless transmission (bluetooth, radio frequency, wifi)
  • Experience designing, performing, and drawing relevant conclusions from experiments
  • Experience with C/C++ programming

Desired Skills/Qualifications
Technical Skills:

  • Experience working with UWB systems
  • Experience with IoT systems
  • Experience with HDL, such as VHDL or Verilog
  • PCB design program (easyEDA, Altium, eagle, etc.)
  • Experience in electronic circuit and PCB design

Software Developer at Acrylic Design & Technology

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST 

Acrylic is a pre-seed art-tech startup and robotics company designing a new way to digitize the consumer art industry and manufacture fine art at scale. We’re driven by our goal of making art accessible for all and empowering artists to keep creating, and we’re currently developing the technical infrastructure required to collect, analyze and transform painting data and create painted artwork through robotic automation. We offer artists a comprehensive sales management, manufacturing and fulfillment service that allows them to focus on creating new designs. We are a young, fun, multidisciplinary team of artists, engineers, and art-lovers embracing the intersection of creativity and innovation to bring tech solutions into the consumer art space.

Internship Description
We’re offering a 3-month paid full-time summer internship, access to our tech and entrepreneurship workshops through Montreal’s Centech deep-tech accelerator, and a taste of working at a very early-stage fast-paced startup!
You will play a pivotal role in scoping, designing and coding the architecture and processes of our system.

  • Researching and scoping-out the best tech stack for our development needs
  • Sourcing and adapting image analysis algorithms for feature detection and extraction of relevant attributes
  • Designing a backend architecture to keep data organized and with its corresponding attributes as it is manipulated and transformed
  • Investigating and testing existing APIs and plugins for data extraction from 3rd party programs
  • Build automated processes that generate machine code

Required Skills/Qualifications 

We are looking for a highly self-motivated, resourceful and innovative intern to join our team. The ideal candidates are action-oriented and hungry to take on responsibility and wear multiple hats in an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment.

  • Python or C++
  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Data processing experience
  • Experience with APIs, plugins, interfacing

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Qt, C/C#, MATLAB, OpenCV
  • Experience with image analysis and feature detection
  • Experience with neural networks, deep learning, TensorFlow
  • Familiarity with Photoshop/Illustrator or digital painting
  • Familiarity with machine code (ROS, G-code, other control middleware)
  • Technical project management skills

Web Developer at Alpha Iota Alloys

Application Deadline: April 25th @ 11:59 PM EST 

Our start-up, Alpha Iota Alloys, aims to harness Artificial Intelligence to speed up the alloys design procedure which normally takes 2 to more than 10 years due to traditional trial and error methods. Using our patentable process assisted by AI, we design and test recyclable and optimized alloys faster (as less as 2 weeks) making our products more eco-friendly and cheaper. We are a team of 3 co-founders from the materials engineering department and our vision is to revolutionize the alloy development.
Check out our linkedin page in the link below: https://www.linkedin.com/company/alpha-iota-alloys/

Internship Description
Are you interested in applying your coding experience in a constant-evolving, young and tech-oriented environment? Are you self-motivated, passionate for software/computer engineering and available to work remotely this summer? Do you wish to learn more about web applications, artificial intelligence and even data mining? You are the ideal candidate! We are looking for a highly motivated software/computer engineering student to spend their summer helping us develop the Alpha Iota Alloys web application. You will also collaborate with the Alpha Iota Alloys team to improve the deployment and preparation of our artificial intelligence models. If you are interested, there is possibility for you to also work with social media platforms engagement (blogging, vlogging, linkedin posts), market assessment and data mining if time allows. 

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Senior student in Software/Computer Engineering degree
  • Python and Java Programming
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS
  • Use of Git/Github
  • English speaker

Desired Skills/Qualifications

  • Knowledge of platforms such as Heroku, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud for web applications. If no prior experience, online workshops can be attended.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning and Data Science is an asset.
  • Independent and self-motivated.
  • Willing to share knowledge and experience with teammates.
  • Written French is an asset.
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