Ian McLachlin Award

Established in 1998 by Ian McLachlin, B.Eng. 1960 to encourage students in the Faculty of Engineering to undertake new ventures with business or social impact potential. Awarded to students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering with high academic standing who have begun, have made progress towards, or have completed an entrepreneurial project with business or social impact potential. 

2020 Winners

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Shlesha Van

(Undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering)

Aiming to provide a smart and automated solution for effortless dental care by redesigning the decades old model of a toothbrush and automating it to intelligently provide a smart brushing experience.


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Chloe Ryan and Celeste Nantel

(Both Undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering)

Intends to design and sell abstract acrylic artwork that has been produced via a semi-automated process (using both robotic and software automation).


2019 Winners

Artizanko Logo


Artizanko is a zero waste packaging solutions company for local enterprises. Currently, we are collaborating with local producers to innovate compostable packaging for their products. Our goal is to have packages that are inexpensive, compostable, heat and water resistant.

Aissam Souidi Profile Picture

Aissam Souidi

Chemical Engineering student who is determined to innovate creative solutions that can impact and disrupt the status quo. He is passionate about environmental sustainability, green technologies, and circular economy. During his time at McGill, he has developed a strong leadership experience, having founded and led many campus groups such as the McGill Rocket Team, and Volunteers for a Smile.

Neath Nguon Profile Picture

Neath Nguon

Neath is a future chemical engineer who is passionate about entrepreneurship, Neath aspires to become one of the key players in the Asia tech industry. At McGill University, she is involved with organizations such as the Chemical Engineering Student Society and Engineering Investment Group. Additionally, with her dedication to serve underdeveloped communities, she hopes to continue to deliver lasting impacts in the future, especially back home in Cambodia.


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