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Cansbridge Fellowship

Cansbridge-Engine and Cansbridge-Empower Fellows

The Cansbridge Fellowship enables undergraduate students to gain international experience and join an entrepreneurial community.

McGill's Faculty of Engineering has partnered with The Cansbridge Fellowship to deliver scholarships to entrepreneurial Canadian students.  We are sponsoring up to one eligible Cansbridge-Engine fellow and one eligible Cansbridge-Empower fellow! The scholarships will offer two promising undergraduate students enrolled in McGill’s Faculty of Engineering entry into The Cansbridge Fellowship, that is Cansbridge-Engine and Cansbridge-Empower Fellows, and provide the necessary resources to live and work in Asia this summer as part of The Cansbridge Fellowship’s Asia Internship experience.


The Cansbridge Fellowship 

This scholarship program is one of the strategic partnerships The Cansbridge Fellowship is developing with top-tier Canadian universities in order to offer a unique experience to their most ambitious, high-impact students. It aims to create a community of young Canadian professionals who share a love for adventure and entrepreneurship and will become the leaders of tomorrow. Cansbridge has, for the last 10 years, worked tirelessly to support entrepreneurship across Canada through its unique and innovative initiatives, including:

A $6,000 grant to 15 of Canada’s most ambitious university students to gain international exposure as they work and live in Asia over a summer

Attended by Cansbridge Fellows from around the world, the conference provides immersive workshops with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors and unparalleled access to Bay Area companies through office tours and networking events.

Resources dedicated to sourcing Cansbridge Fellows to top-tier Bay Area startups & companies.

Relationships formed between Fellows ranging in educational backgrounds, industry experience, and global exposure; enabling people to meet their future co-founders and teammates.

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