Application Development Program

Are you looking to bring your McGill app ideas to life by Engine's app development student intern team?

The McGill Engine Centre's Application Development interns provided assistance with developing minimum viable products (MVPs) of web application based on new ideas and ventures coming from current McGill students and faculty, Engine's past TechAccel teams, and the McGill startups competed in the Dobson Cup in 2022.

Next call for Application Development Project submissions will be updated shortly.

Project Description (Winter 2022):

Engine’s Application Development student intern team (Winter 2022) choose to pair up with Tails, helping Tails transition from their beta prototype (native to iOS app) into a WebApp both in front-end UI UX design and in back-end setup.

Tails is a personal lab assistant designed by McGill graduate students to provide researchers with in-depth knowledge of their animal colonies (i.e., animal inventory) and providing them with recommendations to help maximize the colony’s efficiency and health. Tails will help reduce the financial and time burden associated with biomedical research and improve overall animal welfare by minimizing needless suffering.

The dynamic front-end UI design created by Engine’s AppDev intern Keanu Natchev for Tails WebApp project.

The dynamic front-end UI design created by Engine’s AppDev intern Keanu Natchev for Tails WebApp project.

Student Intern Profiles (Winter 2022):

Profile Photo of Arianit Vavla Arianit Vavla Logo of LinkedIn logo of github
Software Engineering, U4

Currently a last year software engineer, Arianit is passionate about Web and App development. As an intern, he looks to boost his programming skills and help companies through software development. He loves travelling around the world to discover new cultures. Arianit is also a soccer and basketball fan.

Check out his LinkedIn and GitHub.

Skills: Java, C/C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, Python, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Vim/vi

Profile photo of Keanu NatchevKeanu Natchev Logo of LinkedIn logo of github
Software Engineering, U4

Last year software engineering student interested in full stack web and mobile development. Keanu has experience in many programming languages and enjoys team work.

Check out his LinkedInweb page and GitHub.

Skills: Java, C, Python, CUDA, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, OCaml, VHDL, ARM, BASH, Git, Cucumber, Gradle, Maven, Heroku, Travis CI / Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, React, Spring Boot, Vue.js, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Adobe Dreamweaver

Profile photo of David KronishDavid Kronish Logo of LinkedIn 
Software Engineering, U4

As a fourth-year software engineering student, prior internships and courses have provided David with valuable development experience spanning many languages and frameworks. He enjoys the development process and consistently aims to produce quality software that best reflects his abilities as an engineer.

Check out his LinkedIn.

Skills: Java, Python, Javascript, C, Linux, MACOSX, Bash, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, APIs, PostgreSQL Server, SQL, MongoDB, React, Node.js, Express.js, Django, SpringBoot

Application Development Project Eligibility

Projects originating from current McGill students and faculty, Engine's past TechAccel teams, and the McGill startups competing in the Dobson Cup this year.

Application Development Project Terms and Conditions

As the Application Development Internship Program is an experiential learning opportunity for our student intern team (the “Program”), the reliability and safety of any prototype that is developed during the Program cannot be guaranteed. Since students are not yet professional engineers, they generally cannot provide the professional judgment that would be expected from a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec but will perform their functions to the best of their ability. Neither McGill nor the student interns make any representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, as to any matter including, without limitation, the condition, quality or freedom from error of the project outcomes or deliverables (the “Results”) or any part thereof. The project applicant will own the Results and are made available to the project applicant on an “as is” basis. We do not warrant the Results will meet the project applicant’s requirements. McGill and the student interns retain the right to publish the non-confidential project title, summary, and result summary.

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