Winners of the 2023-2024 Di Pierro Innovation Fellowship

Marc-Antoine CampeauProfessor Corinne Hoesli

Dr. Marc-Antoine Campeau and Professor Corinne Hoesli, both Chemical Engineering, for “Towards the commercialization of a pro-healing bifunctional surface modification to improve endothelialization of prosthetic vascular grafts”

Executive summary:

Prosthetic vascular graft of small diameter remains a challenging type of implants to use due to the high risk of thrombosis and the rapid loss of patency. Coatings have been developed and commercialized to limit these risks but they fail to fully address the current limitation of hemocompatibility, resulting in a lack of proper alternatives to autologous vein graft for bypass surgery. The proposed application aims to translate our patented coating technology to polytetrafluoroethylene, an inherently inert material extensively used in the manufacture of blood-contacting implants. Our coating consists of antibodies and biomimetic peptides which respectively enable the capture and firm adhesion of endothelial progenitor cells promoting the in situ endothelialization of the implant surface. In contrast to current solutions, this approach allows for the rebuilding of the artery lining, the endothelium, which has innate anti-thrombotic properties. Our coating technology has the potential to have broad implications for the manufacture of blood-contacting medical implants where enhanced regeneration and integration into human tissues is critical to avoid long-term complications.

 This program was made possible thanks to the generosity of McGill alum Pasquale Di Pierro.

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