Entrepreneurial Resources

Entrepreneurial Resources

The McGill Engine Space

The McGill Engine Centre provides open collaboration space, a seminar room, a conference room, a meeting room, and free coffee for McGill students, professors, and staff working on technological-based projects with business or social impact potential.

McGill MakersHub

The McGill MakersHub is an educational tool to provide undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and academic staff the access to advanced manufacturing and design services. It helps in providing more hands-on machining experience.

Dobson Match

Whether you are an individual interested in joining a startup, or a startup looking for new members Dobson Match is here to fulfill your entrepreneurial needs

External Support

Discover the entrepreneurial resources available in the amazing Montreal community.

Compass Startup & Legal Clinic 

Launching your first start-up?

Have a legal, accounting or financial question?

Or are you trying to understand incorporation, how to hire someone or how to protect your technology?

Compass Startup & Legal Clinic is here to help and guide you.


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