A lifelong connection and lasting legacy

Published: 17 February 2023

After graduating from McGill in 1970, Bruce Allan embarked on a long, successful career as a Montreal-based architect, working on projects around the world....

Homecoming 2022

Published: 23 November 2022

Homecoming is about reconnecting with classmates and renewing relationships. It is also about remembering and celebrating the many ways in which we all have benefited from being part of the McGill...

Neat keeps startups simple!

Published: 23 November 2022

In 2020, Sarim Malik (Mech.Eng ’21) had completed co-op programs in banking, aircraft engineering, and console game development. Nothing seemed to be holding his attention until he and his...

E-IDEA: Furthering the transformation of our culture

Published: 18 November 2022

Helping students face real-world challenges is at the forefront of the Faculty of Engineering. Engineering Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Advancement (E-IDEA) is one of the Faculty’s four key...

Dean's Introduction: Diversity is Key

Published: 18 November 2022

Our decision to hold in-person activities at Homecoming this Fall has been welcomed by alumni and I look forward to seeing many of you at events this week. The Dean’s cocktail and the Peter Guo-hua...

9th Annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy and Design

Published: 18 November 2022

The 9th edition of the Symposium took place on September 13 with engaging guests, Henk Ovink and Marina Tabassum, speaking on the subject of Confronting Climate Change with Design for Resilience....

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