Looking for effective ways to engage students virtually?


Want to hear from some McGill experts, while you sit in the comfort of your own home? 

We are excited to offer you webinars that cover a variety of topics.


More information about these and other webinars are available on the First Year website.


Getting Involved @ McGill for Undergraduates

The most frequent advice our upper-year students offer to the entering class is to get involved. This webinar aims to help students discover what opportunities for learning and development exist beyond the classroom and lecture hall. We designed this webinar to enrich students' university experiences by providing information on the benefits of getting involved and how to take those first steps towards engagement. We'll also tell you about our resources for getting involved and share tips and tools on how to manage your time and better appreciate the value of getting involved. Hosted by Campus Life & Engagement and the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU).


Getting Involved @ McGill for Graduate and Post-Docs


University 101

During this webinar series, we explained what McGill's academic year looks like, how McGill's faculties, schools and programs are structured, and reviewed important course registration info. We also provide you with essential resources, tips and tools for you to take advantage of now before your arrival at McGill. 


What I Wish I Had Known (Student Panel)

The “What I Wish I Had Known as a First-Year” webinar is an opportunity to learn from upper-year students. You'll hear tips and honest advice they wish they had received when they started at McGill. The webinar features a Question & Answer segment at the end. 


Living Off-Campus

Topics for this webinar included services, resources, and communities available to McGill students living off-campus (i.e., not in a McGill Residence). Whether an off-campus first-year, transfer student of any age, native Montrealer who already knows this city, or an exchange student, there was something for everyone in this webinar, and you'll be thankful you had this introduction to living in Montreal as a McGill student. This webinar was hosted by Campus Life & Engagement (Off-Campus and Commuter Student Support) and Student Housing & Hospitality (Off-Campus Housing)WARNING - This recording begins with a sharp screech. Please refrain from using headphones until 0:07.


Tips for a Healthy First Year

This webinar, hosted by a current McGill student, provided resources, information and various tips and tricks for a healthy and fun first year at McGill. This includes information about eating well, staying active, managing stress, and more! We recognize that "healthy" means something different to everyone and encourage you to use this information to make the choices that are right for you! Hosted by the Healthy McGill Living Annex.


Safer Partying

Looking for some tips on staying safe while still having fun? We've got you covered! Hosted by a current McGill student, this webinar will provide you with useful resources and information about how to party safely and how you can reduce risk while partying or going out. Hosted by Healthy McGill.


Sex and Healthy Relationships

This info session aims to inform you about respect and boundary setting in intimate and sexual relationships, whether these occur in person or online. The presenters debunked myths about sex and sexuality, talk about red flags, power dynamics, and various ways in which to engage in relationships. Participants may use the information to explore their own desires and boundaries and learn how to communicate and/or explore them further with their partner(s). Hosted by the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education.  


Safer Sex

This info session aims to teach you more about how to engage in diverse sexual activities in a safer way. The presenters talked about sex toys, sexually transmitted infections and methods of protection, contraceptives, consent, and how to access the many resources on campus related to sexual health and well-being. Special focus was placed on gendered dynamics and sexual diversity. Hosted by the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education in collaboration with Student Wellness Hub.


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