ACCE: Ambassadors for Campus and Community Engagement


Mission: Encourage students to get involved on campus and/or in the Montreal community through providing resources, building facilitation skills, developing leadership skills, and creating meaningful personal connections


Vision: Develop and sustain a culture of empowerment that values experiential learning


Values: ACCE encourages the following values in our Team members:

  • Curiosity and Open-Mindedness
  • Respect, Inclusivity, and Empathy
  • Humility, Authenticity, and Patience
  • Enthusiasm and Optimism
  • Adaptability and Creativity


The ACCE Team provides the opportunity for the students to build their leadership skills via experiential transformations. Through this program our members will receive training on facilitation and information about the available resources on campus. They will then be able to facilitate the Emerging Leaders Workshops and engage on other activities to help their fellow students activate their potentials as well. 

If you are interested in joining ACCE team Click here and enter your information and we will contact you when the applications for 2020 ACCE team recruitment starts.