Spotlight On: Students in Mind

On October 5th in 2013, Students in Mind, a one-day student conference, engaged the McGill campus in conversation regarding the importance of mental health, tackling personal stigma, and encouraging peer accountability.

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How do you think this event is going to impact the McGill community?

Anthony DiCintio Med 2

Events like this are more than a means of networking like-thinking minds or embracing new ideas, but rather a symbol for what our university is capable of and how we can benefit our student body towards a greater level of mental health awareness. It is initiatives such as Students in Mind that demonstrate the potential students have on making a difference; one that I strongly see as developing immensely in the near future.

Lisen Bassett Philosophy U3

The Students in Mind conference, as a student-driven initiative, shows that the McGill student body isn’t afraid of mental illness. Providing a forum where students can exchange ideas and speak freely about mental illness is an important step towards de-stigmatizing it on campus. The more everyone, those affected or not, can talk about mental illness, the more we can learn to help one another.

Kareem Ibrahim International Development, French, and Spanish U1

I am excited for the conversation and dialogue that this Students in Mind will generate. It’s great publicity for a lot of the support services on campus and I hope that students will be much more aware of them in the future. Talking about mental health is crucial in its de-stigmatization and this conference is definitely a first step to do so.

Brittany Barbeau Biology U3

I believe Students in Mind will successfully begin the discussion about mental health here on the McGill campus. The hope of the conference committee is that Students in Mind will continue into the future, allowing for further education on the topic of mental health. It is so exciting to see what has come out of the conference so far, and as I am graduating this semester, it is nice to see how many other individuals are passionate about mental health on campus. Because of this, I have no doubt that the discussion will continue.

Philip Leger Cognitive Science U4

I think students will begin to understand that suffering from mental illness is normal and that not something to be ashamed of. I expect the student body will begin to feel more comfortable discussing these issues and are better prepared to recognize when themselves or their friends need help. Importantly, I think students will appreciate the number of services that are in place precisely for those issues and hopefully they’ll be more comfortable in searching them out.

Shaza Mokhtar MSc. Human Genetics

By raising awareness for mental health, this event will contribute in reducing the stress level in student life at McGill and in increasing students' productivity.

To see the full album on McGillography's Facebook Page, click here.