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An excellent way to become involved in residence life is through a position on one of the residence councils. The councils are the driving force behind much of the social programming in Residences, offering a forum for students to voice concerns and promote ideas. Councils organize social events and advocate student interests to the Residence and McGill administration. What's more, Residence Councils work with McGill administration on key policy issues. A position on council is a great way to develop leadership and communication skills, meet tons of new people, and be in the epicenter of excitement.

There are 4 councils that residence students may get involved in: Inter-Residence Council, University Residence Council, Hall Council, and the Environmental Residence Council. For descriptions of each of these, see below.

How to get involved:

  • Elected positions are open in September, which can give you regular responsibilities on Council.
  • Each council has volunteer positions (floor/house reps and committees) that allow you to participate depending on your interests and schedule.
  • Council meetings are usually open to everyone and give you the opportunity to stand up and make yourself heard.
  • Information sessions for council elections are held in early September. Specific dates are included in your residence welcome package, and locations are posted throughout the residence halls.

Inter-Residence Council

Consists of student reps from each of the halls within the residence system. IRC members meet weekly to plan social events, brainstorm ideas, and discuss concerns affecting our residence student body. The IRC works closely with Hall Councils, sharing a strong commitment to maintaining a safe, rewarding, and fun residence-wide community.

University Residence Council (URC)

The URC is the forum for discussion between the Hall Councils, the IRC, and the Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS) administration. One crucial task of the URC is the review and approval of the SHHS budget for the following year. The URC is composed of the Presidents of each Hall Council, the President of IRC, the Directors of each residence, and the administrative staff, including the Senior Director of SHHS.

Hall Council

Hall Councils represent the interests of students in each individual residence hall. In the case of MORE, one collective council represents all of the MORE residents. Members plan all sorts of exciting social and community-minded events, running the gambit between fun and fund-raising. Students can run for a position on hall councils in the September elections or apply through their Floor Fellow to be a floor rep. Whatever your specific interests may be there is a council position for you! Each hall needs representatives for the Environmental Rez Council (ERC), a food rep and a sports rep to get hall events off the ground.

Environmental Residence Council

Serves to promote conservation in McGill residences through both education and example. The ERC is comprised of reps from each hall who promote an environmentally-friendly consciousness throughout the entire Residences community. In addition to weekly hall meetings, the ERC reps meet weekly as an umbrella council to brainstorm, discuss initiatives, events, and any concerns from the individual halls.

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