Employment Equity

We have launched a new employment equity survey!

Employment equity practices seek to ensure that no one is denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons related to one’s ability. They also seek to correct disadvantages in employment experienced by members of designated equity groups.

McGill launched a new Employment Equity Survey in August 2017.  All McGill employees are asked to complete this short survey, which will allow us to:

  • have a more accurate picture of our workforce
  • take concrete steps to identify and remove systemic barriers to equity in recruitment, employment, retention and promotion
  • meet our obligations under McGill's Employment Equity Policy and in accordance with Quebec and Canadian Law

Survey data will be strictly confidential, and individual survey responses will never be shared with managers, supervisors, Chairs, Deans, etc.  Consult the FAQ for more information, or take the 30-second survey now.

McGill University believes that having a workforce that reflects the social diversity of our student body and of Montreal is both a matter of fairness and of enriching the advancement of our academic mission. To assess McGill's progress in striving toward its goals in relation to equity and diversity, data about our faculty, administrative and support staff is essential.

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