Asbestos Policy

Asbestos Legislation

Under its Health and Safety Policy and the general provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Quebec, McGill University is committed to taking every reasonable precaution to protect the health and safety of its employees and students. Further, work liable to disturb asbestos is governed by the Quebec Construction Safety Code, section 3.23 which specifies the strict conditions under which asbestos work can be performed. This legislation is a minimum standard of care that must always be respected or exceeded in order to meet the needs of the University Community.


It is the policy of McGill University that all persons who work with asbestos-containing materials and those who supervise work or manage projects involving the disturbance of asbestos containing materials must be trained in the hazardous properties of asbestos and the applicable procedures to follow to ensure community safety. Such training must be renewed every three years.

Air Testing

In addition to the air testing specified by the Quebec Construction Safety Code that calls for testing inside of high risk asbestos removal zones, it is the policy of the University to conduct routine air testing in adjacent areas outside of high risk asbestos abatement zones, in order to provide assurances that people in nearby areas are not at risk.

Visual Inspections

It is the policy of McGill University that managers, supervisors and employees conduct and document annual inspection of all building materials containing asbestos found in mechanical rooms, boiler rooms or other building quarters. If the material is found to be damaged, then corrective measures becomes the responsibility of management and must be addressed immediately.


It is the policy of McGill University that all communications related to work on asbestos be transparent and open to the University community. Prior to conducting any asbestos work it is University policy to inform the building occupants by way of advising the Building Director of the work to be done, the methods to be used, the precautions to be followed, what to do if problems are observed, and the schedule of the work to be performed. All tests results and reports of the work are to be made available on a timely basis to the Building Director and any other members of the community who ask for information.

Project Management

McGill designated project managers are responsible for informing contractors of the presence of building materials containing asbestos within any construction work sites. Also, asbestos abatement projects must be overseen by a McGill designated project manager. This person is responsible for appointing the asbestos abatement firm, informing this firm of McGill health & safety requirements and handling communications with the McGill community. High risk asbestos containment enclosures must include a viewing panel to enable visual checks of the work in progress. Asbestos abatement enclosures may be taken down only after verification that all air tests were satisfactory and after the inspection and approval by the project manager.

Approved by the Facilities Safety Committee on January 30, 2018

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