Sustainable labs award review process

2018-19 edition

Eligibility criteria

  • Any individual or group members of labs subject to inspection by McGill’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office are eligible.
  • The award is intended for an individual or group of lab members (students, staff, and faculty) in an individual lab.
  • Nominations are accepted from any member of the McGill community, including self-nominations.
  • Entries should be submitted no later than June 15th, 2019.

Application process


Entries will be evaluated based on:

  • Section I: the results of the most recent inspection conducted by EHS
  • Section II: best practices applied in the lab’s operations
  • Section III: innovative sustainable lab practices that go above and beyond initiatives identified in the McGill Sustainable Labs Guide (these can be specific to a particular domain of research)

Composition of Sustainable Labs Awards Review Committee (SLARC)

The Review Committee consists of ex-officio members from the Sustainable Labs Working Group (SLWG) of the University Lab Safety Committee (ULSC).

  • The SLWG Chair is the de facto representative on behalf of the ULSC.
  • The Steward of the SLARC is the EHS/HWM representative.

A Review Committee member (or delegate) may conduct site visits as part of the assessment of the nominations received.

The composition of the Review Committee may be reviewed annually by the most recent cohort in collaboration with the University Lab Safety Committee.

Conflict of interest

  • Should a member of the Review Committee be nominated for an award, that individual shall relinquish their role.
  • Any member of the jury with a personal connection to the nominees should disclose this fact, so that the other Review Committee members can determine whether a recusal is warranted.


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