Sustainable labs award nomination form

An initiative from the Sustainable Labs Working Group, the Sustainable Labs Award recognizes efforts made by members of McGill laboratories to make their labs more sustainable by integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into the way they work.

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Step 1: Download and complete the PDF form. (Refer to the McGill Sustainable Labs Guide if necessary)

Step 2: Upload the PDF using the webform below. Don't forget to click on "Submit"!


Identify the department(s) involved with this initiative.
List the full names of the Principal Investigator(s) involved with this initiative.
Identify the McGill building(s) in which these initiatives have taken place.
Identify the room number(s) in which these initiatives took place (ex. McIntyre Building, Suite 129 = MCMED129)
Contact information
Enter the firstname and lastname of the person to contact about this nomination.
Enter the phone number of the primary contact person for information about this nomination.
Section I: Inspection Results
Indicate your latest EHS inspection score(s)
Please upload the completed nomination form (Sections II and III) here.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
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