Chemical Inventories in myLab

With myLab’s Chemical Safety module, the Project Team is able to import your laboratory’s existing chemical inventories that are currently stored in Excel spreadsheets. All that is required is that lab staff ensure the following fields are included and completed:

  1. Chemical Name
  2. Vendor / Manufacturer Name
  3. Product Catalogue Number OR Chemical CAS Registry Number(s)
  4. Number of Containers
  5. Total Volume of all containers
  6. Container Size (optional if the total volume is provided)
  7. Room Number
  8. Building

If you do not have an existing chemical inventory in Excel format, contact the parisa.parang [at] (subject: myLab%20Chemical%20Inventory) (Hazardous Materials Officer) and request our ready-to-use Excel template which will outline all of the data required.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

When importing existing inventories, the project team will also assign electronic Material Safety Data Sheets to each imported inventory item. In order to link to the corresponding MSDS, myLab requires the following information:

  1. Vendor / Manufacturer Name
  2. Vendor Catalogue Number
  3. Chemical Name