Laboratory Information Card Generator

Create a Laboratory Information Card (LIC) for your lab using the online myLab system. The “myLab laboratory information card generator guide” can be found here.

The LIC in myLab is created by room. Consequently, the Principal Investigators (PIs) that share the same room will need to add their respective contact information and the hazards/pictograms on the same LIC. DO NOT DELETE the information already present on the LIC from the other PI(s), ADD only additional information pertinent to you. The LIC must be printed ONLY after all PIs sharing the room have added their corresponding information. For shared rooms among several PIs, it is essential to communicate with all parties so that the information presented on the LIC is accurate and up-to-date. Each PI sharing a room MUST print their own laboratory information card.

Please print out the completed form and display it on all your laboratory doors. Please ehs [at] (contact Environmental Health and Safety) if you do not have access to myLab. Only full (editing rights) access users will be able to edit and print the laboratory information card.

If you are a hospital employee and don't have McGill myLab access, please ask a colleague (i.e. McGill staff or student) to sign in to create the form.


If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, pleasemylab.ehs [at] ( email the myLab team).


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