Courses & Programs

There are a number of courses/programs offered through the Faculty of Education with Indigenous content and focus. Some of the courses are only available to students if they are part of a specific program or are only offered through the Office of First Nations and Inuit Education (OFNIE), find out more about these programs/courses below:


In-Community Programs

OFNIE GraduatesIn-Community programs throughout the province of Quebec are offered through the Office of First Nations and Inuit Education (OFNIE). OFNIE delivers community-based teacher education and professional development programs that are co-created and collaboratively delivered with local and regional Indigenous education authorities. With its province-wide reach, multitude of student cohorts, and array of certificate and degree choices, OFNIE's offerings are the largest of their kind in Canada.


Students on Ice Arctic Expedition

Kativik Ilisarniliriniq Teacher Training is proud to share the highlight videos of our programming and training on the Students on Ice Arctic expeditions. Through this partnership, teachers from Nunavik participated as staff on the expedition, while also gaining credits towards their teacher certification with the Office of First Nation and Inuit education McGill Faculty of Education. For more information on how to participate in this important program, contact Dr. Stephen Peters


Students on Ice 2019: Revitalizing Inuit Culture

Students on Ice 2018: Connecting with the Land






Faculty of Education On-Campus Courses on Indigenous Topics: 

EDEC 233: Indigenous Education

An exploration of Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy, primarily in Canada but also worldwide. Consideration of the diverse social, cultural, linguistic, political, and pedagogical histories of Indigenous communities. Examines how a teacher's professional identity and practice can be influenced by an understanding of Indigenous knowledge and worldviews.


EDPE 595: Special Topics

Content varies by year but focuses on Indigenous issues in Canada and how they relate to education. Consult a sample of a past year's syllabus. 


Student Opportunities and Scholarships

There are a number of opportunities available to McGill students, such as research experience, scholarships, and RA/TA positions.

Students should also be aware of MITACS, a non-profit national research organization that has funding and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate research projects. MITACS has funding available to empower Indigenous innovation in Canada through its Indigenous Pathways program.

There are a number of local Indigenous Organizations that are eligible for MITACS partnership, as well as a long list of others who have not been vetted yet by MITACS but may still be eligible if reached out to:


Montreal and Quebec Indigenous Organizations


Indigenous Student Funding 

Here is a list compiled by Cultural and Indigenous Research in Counselling Psychology (CIRC) specifically to showcase funding opportunities for current and/or prospective undergraduate & graduate Indigenous students at McGill University.

McGill's Cultural and Indigenous Research in Counselling Psychology (CIRC) has compiled a list of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for Indigenous students.


McGill University Indigenous Student Resources

The Indigenous Initiatives website has provided a list of internal and external resources for Indigenous students. Branches, McGill Enrolment's community outreach program, also offers transformative mentorship opportunities and networks of support to help under-represented learners plan their educational paths, including providing support for Indigenous learners.



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