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Services Provided by OFFERING


Individual meetings with faculty

OFFERING is pleased to meet with faculty individually in order to discuss their research needs. Early-career researchers as well as those who are new to McGill are particularly encouraged to get in touch with OFFERING in order to explore the available options for research funding. Individualized services can involve, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Development of a strategic research plan whereby the researcher’s interests and objectives can be matched with relevant funding opportunities with deadlines spaced throughout the academic year;

2. In-depth discussion of specific funding opportunities complemented by strategic application advice;

3. Review of unsuccessful grant proposals from previous competitions and provision of suggestions for improvement.

To schedule a meeting, please send an offering.education [at] mcgill.ca (email).

Providing Guidance and Assistance with Grant Applications

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list as the office is in constant evolution. Do not hesitate to contact OFFERING for any requests pertaining to grant applications.

 1.     As a precursor to the peer review process, OFFERING coordinates an internal review process whereby applicants can have their proposals reviewed by volunteers within the faculty. For more information, see Internal Review Process. At this stage, the scientific aspects of the program of research are assessed.

 2.     OFFERING provides an in-depth review of applications prior to submission to the Office of Sponsored Research.  This review is based on trends observed during Tri-Agency adjudication proceedings. Feedback is given to the applicant based on elements such as the following: alignment with program objectives, appropriate level of emphasis on each of the evaluation criteria, readability of the proposal (especially when adjudication committees are not composed of subject-specific experts), appropriate degree of justification of the methodology and budget, presentation and calculation of the budget, student training strategy and dissemination plan.

3.     OFFERING ensures that all processes associated with grant applications are aligned with the policies and procedures of the Office of Sponsored Research, as well as those of the relevant funding agency.

3.1  Office of Sponsored Research

OFFERING guides researchers through the submission process of their grant applications and anticipates future requirements should the grant be awarded, thereby avoiding any undue delays or omissions which could negatively affect the researcher.

3.2  Granting agencies

OFFERING ensures that all requirements set out by the funding agency are met by the applicant, and that they are clearly demonstrated. This can include such aspects as eligibility criteria, required documents and presentation of the application. In addition, OFFERING ensures that the proposed program of research is clearly aligned with the mission, objectives and priority research areas (if applicable) of the funding agency.

Promoting Collaborative Efforts

Recent trends indicate an increase in collaborative research and in funding for collaborative efforts. In this vein, OFFERING can support the Faculty in a variety of ways, including the following:

1. Facilitating and promoting trans-disciplinary research within and outside the Faculty. This includes promoting the integration of researchers from the Faculty with other groups within McGill, and with other universities both nationally and internationally.

2. Recognizing funding opportunities for collaborative efforts and notifying faculty members accordingly.

3. Assisting in the identification of research clusters and researchers for major collaborative research grants funded by Canadian federal granting agencies (eg. SSHRC partnership grants, NSERC-CREATE)

Faculty members looking to engage in collaborative research are encouraged to contact OFFERING for support in finding potential collaborators.

Engaging with Foundations

On a weekly basis, OFFERING identifies funding opportunities pertinent to the Faculty and posts them on the Current Funding Opportunities page.

Many foundations have ongoing calls for proposals, rather than annual or semi-annual competition deadlines. Such opportunities are included in the aforementioned section of the website.

OFFERING works in collaboration with University Advancement (UA) in securing funding for the Faculty’s researchers from foundations and other donors. In maintaining an up-to-date database of faculty members’ research concentrations, OFFERING ensures that there is ongoing communication with UA. In this way, UA’s information pertaining to the Faculty’s research will always be current, thereby allowing them to effectively incorporate the Faculty in their fundraising efforts.

Should you be interested in seeking funding from a foundation or from industry, please offering.education [at] mcgill.ca (email) a brief summary of your proposed project or program. OFFERING will endeavour to assist you with this.

Assisting with the Dissemination of Research Findings

In collaboration with McGill’s Media Relations Office, OFFERING aims for extensive dissemination of research results in the academic, professional and public domains.

1.     OFFERING directs the Media Relations Office to relevant researchers following enquiries from the media for expert opinions

2.     The Media Relations Office is interested in receiving newsworthy stories from the faculties. By keeping abreast of research activities happening within the Faculty, OFFERING is in a position to provide Media Relations with relevant stories for dissemination by print, radio, television and social media.

Faculty members are encouraged to contact OFFERING prior to publication of research findings, upon receipt of a large grant or award or with stories of community involvement which could be transmitted the Media Relations Office.

Identifying new funding opportunities

As a supplement to the general funding opportunities sent to faculty by the Office of Sponsored Research (if you haven't already subscribed to the LISTSERV, you can do so on this page), OFFERING targets funding opportunities of specific interest to the Faculty of Education and not necessarily associated with large annual or semi-annual competitions.

Assisting with Technology Transfer

OFFERING works in collaboration with the Commercialization and Contracts & Agreements units within McGill’s Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) to ensure that faculty’s needs are met in the commercialization of their research as well as with partnerships with industry. This includes any questions or concerns regarding intellectual property.

The world of university research funding is rapidly evolving. OFFERING thus keeps abreast of these changes and ensures that they are incorporated into its strategies and feedback provided to researchers. This analysis includes, but is not limited to, priority research areas of sponsors and types of research being funded.


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