Internal Review Process

Researchers are encouraged to have fellow faculty members review their grant proposals prior to submission. This process will provide valuable insight to the applicant before the formal peer review process begins. Many researchers, particularly junior scholars and assistant professors, have noted that having a colleague review their application can make a significant difference in their final ranking in a competition and thus whether or not they will be awarded a grant. In addition, adjudication committees have observed that some applications submitted could have ranked higher had they received more guidance from their peers in the preparation of their application.

A number of faculty members have volunteered to review grant applications as part of this process. When needed, OFFERING will seek the advice of a committee of volunteers for large Tri-Agency grant applications.

Current volunteers are:
  Susanne Lajoie
  David Pearsall
  Nancy Heath
  Mela Sarkar
  Jacob Burack
  Claudia Mitchell
  Ratna Ghosh (one proposal only per competition round)

Kindly contact faculty members (who are not immediate research collaborators) directly and keep in mind that individuals should be approached as far before the internal submission deadline as possible in order to guarantee that your application can be reviewed. Also, faculty members may not be able to review more than one or two proposals per application round.

We strongly encourage you to put your name forward as an internal reviewer for our Faculty.  Should you wish to volunteer and be added to the list, please send an uzma.majeed [at] (email).