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Faculty of Education List of Student Support

DISE Undergrads

DISE Graduates


KPE Student Affairs (Undergrads and Graduates)

Student Advisors:

  • Grace Wong-McAllister
  • Amanda Simpson-Folco
  • Susie Vodopivec
  • [at]


Administrative Coordinator for OFNIE: [at]

Graduate Student Affairs Coordinators:

  • PhD and MA Programs:
    Hailey Li
    grad.dise [at]
  • MATL: [at]
  • Graduate Certificates in Leadership: [at]
  • Grad Cert TESL: [at]

  • Grad Cert (PIF): [at]

For all students, contact: [at]

Nada Abu-Merhy, Undergraduate Student Advisor

nada.abu-merhy [at]


Catherine Klempa, Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator (Graduate Students)

studentaffairs.kpe [at]


For your local wellness advisor, career advisor, and student teaching placement coordinators, contact the Office of Internships and Student Affairs.


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