Faculty of Education Teaching Awards

McGill Faculty of Education Teaching Awards

The Faculty of Education offers two Teaching Awards to recognize excellence and commitment to teaching. These awards are open to all full-time academic staff within McGill Faculty of Education. Eligible instructors may apply once annually for each award. Duplicate entries or nominations will be discarded.

Award Ceremony

Award for Distinguished Teaching

This award is open to all full‐time academic staff in the Faculty of Education, in recognition of their excellence in teaching in one or more of the following areas: classroom teaching, mentoring and supervision, or educational leadership. This award holds prestigious professional significance but is not accompanied by any financial remuneration. Each year’s winner is presented with a certificate at the Spring Convocation ceremony.


How to Apply:

Heather Reisman and Gerald Schwartz Award for Excellence in Teaching:

This award is open to all full‐time academic staff in the Faculty of Education and has a total value of $1,000 ($500 of which must be used for travel expenses related to research or other scholarly purposes).



Ranked Academic staff (Faculty Lecturer, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Full Professors) who carry a full-time teaching load in the departments of KPE, DISE or ECP are eligible. Candidates must have taught in the academic year for which the award is given.

Nomination Procedure

Nomination Forms must be completed and submitted by either students, graduates, or faculty members. Self-nominations are also accepted.

The nominee will receive an email asking them to: 1) accept or decline their nomination and 2) confirm that they carry a full-time teaching load (12 credits) in their Department (DISE, ECP or KPE).

Only one nomination will be accepted per award per academic. If multiple nominations are received, only the first one received will be reviewed. An academic may be nominated for both the Award for Distinguished Teaching and the Heather Reisman and Gerald Schwartz Award for Excellence in Teaching, but:

  • Separate nomination forms must be received for each award
  • Separate dossiers must be received for each award application
  • Separate letters of support must be submitted for each award application.

Submission Requirements

Dossier Guidelines:
  • Dossiers must not exceed 25 pages exclusive of the Nomination Form, Table of Contents, Student Course Evaluation Comments (Appendix), Curriculum Vitae, and page dividers.
  • Dossiers should not include course syllabi or course materials.
  • Dossiers in excess of the 25-page limit will not be considered.


The nomination package should include:

1. Completed Nomination Form

2. Table of Contents

3. Two Letters of Support:

The letters should discuss the nominee’s dedication to teaching, ability to engage students in the learning process, the impact their teaching has had on former students, educational leadership and if applicable, research and teaching.

  • At least one letter must be from a former student, the second letter may be from a former student or colleague.
  • The letters should be submitted by an individual and not co-signed by multiple supporters.
  • The nominator cannot submit a letter of support.
  • A student should not write a letter for a professor who is currently teaching or supervising them.

4. Statement of Teaching Approach (maximum 1-2 pages)

  • Nominees should provide a description of their teaching approach, with an explanation of why they have chosen this approach. The statement should also include a description of how the nominee's thinking about teaching and learning has changed over time, and how they work to improve their teaching. This statement can facilitate the Committee’s interpretation of the rest of the dossier.

5. Summary of Teaching responsibilities / Evidence of Teaching Excellence / Evidence of Educational Leadership (maximum 1-2 pages)

Consider addressing some of the following:

  • Type of teaching, nature and number of students, other types of teaching responsibilities
  • Integration of research
  • Awards, recognition, peer evaluations, success of students, student evaluations
  • Involvement with curriculum or program design and development
  • Coordination of workshops/conferences or other teaching-related events
  • Work with teaching and learning centers/committees, educational associations
  • Graduate supervision
  • Work with teaching and learning centers/committees, educational associations, advising, and mentoring
  • Efforts made to enhance teaching (organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, or other teaching-related events)

6. Curriculum vitae of the nominee

7. Student course evaluations from the past three years (appendix)


Deadline to submit a nomination of self or other:
Friday, February 11th, 2022

Deadline to submit completed dossier including letters of support:
Friday, March 11th, 2022



Downloadable Documents

Download the Nomination Form and comprehensive Award Guidelines for both McGill Faculty of Education teaching awards:


Award Submissions

Please submit the nomination form, support letters and the completed dossier in PDF format.

donna.wilkinson [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Faculty%20of%20Education%20Teaching%20Award%20Submission) (Submit by Email)



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