"Transdisciplinarity in Mathematics Education: Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries," co-edited by DISE's Limin Jao, is now published

Published: 24 October 2017

 textLimin Jao has co-edited a new publication from Springer, Transdisciplinarity in Mathematics Education: Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries. The book explores the importance of transdisciplinarity in the research and practice of mathematics education. 13 chapters illustrate how mathematics interacts with different disciplines including humanities, ecology, music, children's literature, gender, or dance. Transdisciplinarity in Mathematics Education will be an important resource for mathematics education instructors, students, or researchers who seek to incorporate transdisciplinarity into their practice.

Dr. Limin Jao is assistant professor with McGill University's Department of Integrated Studies in Education. She teaches mathematics education courses, and her research focuses on exemplary teaching practice, teacher beliefs, and teacher education. She is a member of the department's Science and Mathematics Education Research Group (SMERG). Dr. Jao's ongoing funded research is examining the role of secondary mathematics teachers' beliefs and development, and the general public's view of gender and mathematics.

The book is co-edited with Dr. Nenad Radakovic, of the Department of Teacher Education at the College of Charleston.

[Transdisciplinarity in Mathematics Education: Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries, Springer International Publishing, 2018]



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