Professor Savage speaks to CBC regarding ECP's upcoming Parenting series


Published: 6Sep2016

Dr. Robert Savage, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, spoke to CBC's Sonali Karnick over the weekend regarding children's literacy.

The Department hosts a five-week public lecture series this fall, Effective Parenting: New Trends and Approaches. The series begins with Dr. Savage's seminar on Monday, October 17, "Unlocking the spelling system of English: How to give all children the keys to literacy".

"English is really complicated," Dr. Savage told the CBC, "anybody who's spent time thinking about the relationship between letters and sounds in English, compared to some other languages like Italian, German or French, will realize that the patterns are very complicated..."

Click here to listen to the interview. Professor Savage speaks at the 12:52 mark. To hear Professor Savage, click on the "McGill University Parenting Series: Reading" link at the bottom of the page.

Click here for more information or to register for the five-week public lecture series Effective Parenting.

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