Education Faculty Reaction to Bill 21

Published: 19 June 2019


On June 19th, the Faculty of Education released this public statement in reaction to the Quebec Government's passing of Bill 21:


At McGill’s Faculty of Education, we are very concerned with the news that the Quebec Government has passed Bill 21, which bans religious symbols in the public sector. Bill 21 suggests to a portion of our students that they are not welcome in public schools because of their religious cultural practices. Consequently, Bill 21 goes against our Faculty’s inclusive values of providing all of our students, regardless of religious affiliation, with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as teachers, principals, school psychologists, special care counsellors, among other educator roles.


McGill University’s Faculty of Education is a place that upholds fundamental academic freedoms and represents a richly diverse community. As such, we will continue to support our students in their pursuits to become the best teachers and educators they can be.


Professor Dilson E. Rassier

Dean, Faculty of Education

McGill University

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