Armando Bertone uses NeuroTracker software to improve attention in exceptional students


Published: 8Dec2017

Fonds Santé"How can we increase the attention skills of students with learning disabilities? The answer may lie in a simple 3D vision game," wrote the Fonds de recherche du santé du Québec (FRQS) recently on their website, as part of a feature regarding the work of Dr. Armando Bertone, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology.

The feature, titled "Software to improve attention in exceptional students," focuses on an aspect of Professor Bertone's research that is currently testing NeuroTracker, a software program developed in Quebec by Université de Montreal's Jocelyn Faubert. NeuroTracker increased players' attention by 10%.

Dr. Armando Bertone is a cognitive neuroscientist and clinical neuropsychologist. He is Director of the Summit Centre for Education, Research and Training (SCERT); and Director of the Perceptual Neuroscience Laboratory (PNLab) for Autism and Development at McGill -one of few laboratories in the world specifically interested in assessing perceptual and cognitive processes in the autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental conditions. Among other goals, Dr. Bertone’s laboratory and school-based research aims at developing novel cognitive and behavioural interventions in autism and related neurodevelopmental conditions. Dr. Bertone was named William Dawson Scholar in April, 2015, and presently holds an FRQS Research Scholar Award.

["Software to improve attention in exceptional students" FRQS]

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