Annie Savard speaks to national news regarding the teaching of math in Quebec, Ontario


The Canadian PressProfessor Annie Savard was interviewed by national news this week regarding differences between how mathematics is taught in high schools across Canada.

Comparing a mathematics instructor in Ontario to one in Quebec, where math teachers receive four years of training, Savard said in part that "it’s clear we have two teachers who are completely different." In addition to the articles published, Dr. Savard also spoke live on the radio to Global News Toronto's Tasha Kheiriddin.

Annie Savard is an Associate Professor with the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, where she is a member of the Science and Mathematics Education Research Group (SMERG). Her research focuses on the contribution of mathematics in elementary school to the development of citizenship competencies. Her work also looks at the use of robotics to develop scientific and mathematical competencies within a context of interdisciplinarity, and at the professional development of teachers through Professional Learning Communities.

The article was picked up by multiple news sources:

["It adds up: The reason students' math scores are higher in Quebec than in the rest of CanadaNational Post, Sept. 6, 2017]

["Better training, better teachers, boost math scores for Quebec students" CTV News, Sept. 6, 2017]

The radio interview can be streamed via Global News Toronto's website:

["Quebec math scores much higher than Ontario - What are they doing differently?" Global News Toronto, Sept.7, 2017]