The Struggle is Real: Researching Discrimination Through Poetry

Sunday, August 14, 2016 19:30

Researching Discrimination Through Poetry
(Yes, we actually did a study on this)

Seven storytellers (give or take) come together for a night of spoken word poetry. This innovative show draws on personal experiences of privilege and prejudice to confront the social, cultural and institutional manifestations of discrimination.

Over a six-week period, this collective came together to explore their privilege, question their conditioning, break down toxic ideals, expose microaggressions, and make connections between personal experiences and the culture that manifests them. They engaged with the methods and theories of social science to write some bomb-ass poetry.


  • Xander Macaulay-Rettino, an artist with a shaky sense of self and an obsession with consciousness, hxanwriteswords.tumblr.com
  • Simon Banderob, one-man-Phantom of the Opera, youtube channel
  • Matt Shi, professional expert (in training)
  • Emily Carson-Apstein, musical, caffeinated forest-being
  • Amy Iliza, a Canadian in Africa and an African in Canada
  • Ellana Blacher, mostly harmless introverted extrovert and one-woman cancelled parade
  • Helen Johnson, renegade psychologist and sometime poet, www.hgregory.co.uk

With Special Guest Performances from:

Click here for further information about the study

Sunday August 14 | doors: 7:30pm show: 8:30pm | Mainline Theatre, 3977 Blvd. St-Laurent | $2

*all proceeds will be donated to the Old Brewery Mission*

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