"Sing the Brave Song: This Isn't Over"


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Sing the brave song: This isn’t over

Research-based play
Written by: Alayna Kolodziechuk

As a part of the FRQSC-funded project: “Exploring the experiences of pre-service teachers using drama education and research-based theatre to understand Aboriginal issues in Quebec, Canada” with Dr. Mindy R. Carter (McGill Department of Integrated Studies in Education) as Primary Investigator:

May 18 & 19 2017 | 1pm | McGill University, Morrice Hall, 3485 rue McTavish [map]

Playwright, Director: Alayna Kolodziechuk

RA, Stage Manager: Hala Mreiwed
Producer: Dr. Mindy R. Carter

Free admission, see below for RSVP contact.

Please Note: Talk Back sessions with invited guests will take place after each performance and the audience will be invited to share their thoughts, concerns and experiences as a part of the ongoing research dialogue, if interested. 

*** Image is used with exclusive permission from Amanda Pierce granted to Dr. Carter as a part of a Cape Breton University-funded research project entitled ACCLAIM! (The Aboriginal Culture, Community, Literacy and Arts Integrated Media project).

Contact Information

RSVP: Hala Mreiwed
hala.mreiwed [at] mail.mcgill.ca
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