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Dr. Dominique Banville, “Teacher Preparation and Development” [Jennifer Wall Address]


Friday December 1, 1:00-2:30, New Residence Hall (basement ballroom)

2017 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dominique Banville [info]

“Teacher Preparation and Development: How to Support Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers in their Skill Acquisitions and Development”

Like any profession, teaching requires extensive training and specific qualifications. What these qualifications should be are constantly changing based on the evolution of the roles teachers have to play throughout the different phases of their career, and the advancement of research in that field. It appears however that the training Novice and Apprentice teachers (Steffy, Wolfe, Pash, & Enz, 2000) receive during their initial preparation in Colleges and Universities, and the lack of support during their induction years might not be adequate. Data shows that as many as 46% of all teachers in US public schools will leave the profession within their first five years of teaching (Ingersoll, 2003) and that similar problems of attrition exist in other countries like Canada, the UK and Australia. This keynote will present the challenges US teacher preparation programs face nationwide in recruiting teacher candidates, the internal and external influences teacher preparation programs have to contend with when determining their curriculum, examples of best practices in teacher preparation related to mentoring Apprentice teachers, and the need for induction programs for Apprentice teachers. 

14th Annual Jennifer Wall address: Dating back to 2004, former faculty member Jennifer Wall has sponsored this yearly event that focuses on the uniqueness and importance of physical education and the objectives and significance of physical education in the school curriculum.


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